Sunday, June 1, 2008


Well, here goes! I read Lindsey Boyd's blog and I have always wanted one, so I decided to make one...It was after looking around that I realized how many people really had one! Very exciting! Anyway, my life is about the same. We just finished with ECHS softball yesterday. The girls did really good. I coached JV's and helped with the Varsity. The Varsity girls made it all the way to the state playoffs. We did really well, and came in 3rd place! I hope this was a wake up call so they can realize what to do and then get the job done next year!

School is winding down for the 2007-2008 school year! I am really looking forward to this Wednesday because that is the last exam I have to give and I will be all finished! I am really looking forward to this summer...There are so many things I want to get done with our new house, yet we never have time to do them! I will be working at the NC Aquarium in PKS some this summer, but for the most part I am going to get what I need to get done! Yes, there will be quite a few beach days included! :)

Blair and I are really enjoying married life. Our lives are so much less hectic now that we live together. It is so nice to be able to come home to my husband every night! We really are enjoying ourselves. Now that softball is over, hopefully I will see him much more!

Our wedding was wonderful (stressful!!!)...I am actually glad that it is over. I wish I were still on my honeymoon though! We stayed at the Royal Cancun. It was AMAZING! I have never seen anything like it before. Blair planned the entire honeymoon. I did not find out until a few weeks before the wedding where we were going! He is amazing! :) I really wish we could go back on our one year anniversary, but we might need to save and splurge on our 5 year!

Well, I am going to go for now. I will put up some pictures and keep posting weekly hopefully!

Hope all is well, and hope everyone is getting a great start to the summer!!

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Mikal and Larry said...

Hi Kari! We have had a very nice summer. Rianne-Kelly really enjoyed her trip to England and I was really ready for her to come home! She has also been on several camping trips and then we were able to go with the youth to Palmyra, NY and Scranton, PA.

She is getting excited about school. Her schedule came yesterday. Overall, she is pleased with it. A minor adjustment is needed (if it doesn't conflict with any other classes.

As of now, she has two honors classes during the first semester. Stephanie will have her for Honors Biology. I know she will have a good year!

I am ready for school to start. Please keep me in mind if you have to take off for any reason.

I think the very first picture posted of you and Blair is fabulous. Keep on enjoying each one another. Time passes quickly. Before you know it you will be celebrating 25 years.

RK says, "Hi, she will drop in and seee you when school starts".