Saturday, June 14, 2008

Summer is here!! second post! Thankfully, school ended on June 6th. I worked that Monday and now I am a free bird!! Yay! I am looking forward to a very relaxing, eventful summer! I am working at the aquarium very very part time. When I am not working, I hope to be tying loose ends on our house! Blair works so hard doing the 'manly' stuff, i.e. building the shed, mowing grass, etc...I hope to get the 'girly' stuff, which he could care less about, finished up. Who knew it would be so hard to put a house together, and keep it up! Good thing we dont have 3 kids running around!

I am working today at the aquarium! We are rather busy and there are 2 weddings here today! Good thing I am not working in the special events section! Well, gotta run!


Leah said...

hey there kari and blair!!!
so cool to see you're blogging too!
i hope you two have a great summer - and get to enjoy the banks like i wish i could. ;)

ttyl! :)

Lauren said...

Hey Kari!
Thanks for the comment! I get so excited when I see I have a new one on my page. haha I'm such a dork. Yeah I'm glad I'm not doing both those weddings at the Aquarium...shewweeeee to much work and not enough pay. You know all about that though! ;-) I hope you and Blair are doing well. Please thank your ma again for me for letting us use all those dishes and stuff for my reception. Anywho I will talk to you later gal :-)

Allison Bernauer said...

Hey Kari and Blair. Glad to see you on here. It is addictive though! :) Allison