Tuesday, July 8, 2008

6 months, 1 year and a quarter of a century!

On June 29th, Blair and I celebrated our 6 month anniversary as well as one year since we became HOMEOWNERS! On June 29th, 2007 we signed on our home at 153 North Harbor Drive. We have made ALOT of progress since then, but there are still a million things to do (it feels like!) Here are a few pictures:

The last picture is us leaving the lawyers office after signing...Our house looks way different now. We ripped up the shrubs, cut down the tree and planted a beautiful flower bed in front. We are still a long way away from being 'finished' but we are enjoying how everything is finally coming together.

On July 5th, I turned a quarter of a century old!! WOW...I feel old..hehe...Anyway, Blair had to work all weekend, so we could not go to the banks this year :(. Also, his uncle got married on the 5th, so we werent able to really do anything for my birthday. I was kind of upset, but just took it as just another day. On Sunday, I went to church and hung out at mom's afterwards. I kept wanting to go home and she kept begging me to stay. Little did I know, Blair did not go to work that day like he was supposed to. Instead, he stayed home and put together a surprise birthday party for me! I was quite shocked that he did that! When I finally got to go home, everyone was there waiting for me! I have been wanting to have all our family over for a cookout. This was great! And I didnt have to lift a finger! :) I have the best husband in the world! hehe...Here are a few pictures from the party!


Lauren said...

Happy belated birthday! Love the pics! You look so happy :-) Blair done good!

Lauren said...

Hey girl,
Still working at the Aquarium? How's it going down there?