Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I wanna love like Johnny and June!

I could'nt think of a title, so there it is...this is my new favorite song...It really makes me stop and think and all of the words are so true!

Anyway, today is our 7 month anniversary!! Where in the heck is the year going? I was so excited about summer, and before I turned around, I have to go back to school soon!! I am not ready! I felt like I didnt get anything on my 'to do' list done! We have to go back on the 14th of August...blah...anyway, I love being a teacher because the summer's are so exciting and the first days of school really are exciting! It will be nice getting back into a routine!

So, Blair and I had our 2nd honeymoon already! hehhe...most couples wait a little longer than we did, but we spent a week in Florida! It was great, except it rained almost the entire week...not just the usually Florida afternoon shower, but thunderstorms...We dont have good luck with vacations. It rained alot in Cancun (and was cold to them..low 70's for us in December was great!), and we spent a weekend at the banks, where it rained all day on Saturday...anyway, a good day of vacation always beats a good day of work! :) Here are a few pics from seaworld..we spend two days there...I LOVED it!! I cannot believe I have never been, but it was great! Well, gotta go for now!


Lauren said...

Second honeymoon?! Sounds good to me! I have always wanted to go to Sea World...looks like yall had a good time even with the rain. For my second honeymoon I would like to go somewhere warm bc our first(Boston in May) was high 50s low 60s the entire time. Hope your first few days back to school aren't stressful! later gal

leigh anna said...

hey kari! (you probably don't know me....but bubba blair and i go way back)

i love your blog, and was so excited to find it....congrats to you and b for your first few months .... of forever... together!

it makes me oh so happy to see blair happy!

keep the good post coming!