Thursday, August 14, 2008

I've been tagged!

*4 Random Things I love about my husband:
1. He loves me dearly
2. He is hilarious!!!
3. He has a HUGE heart...does anything for anybody
4. I can count on him to do whatever I need!

* 4 Jobs I've had:
1. George's
3. Teller at Wachovia
4. Visitor's Services at the Aquarium at PKS

*4 TV Shows I watch:
1. CSI Las Vegas
2. Will and Grace
3. Golden Girls
4. Anything on HGTV or the Food Network!
*4 Places I have Been:
1. Mexico
2. Florida
3. Boston
4. Chicago

*4 People who email me regularly:
1. Mom
2. People from School
3. Kacyn
4. Random people
*4 of my favorite Foods:
1. Fruit Dip
2. Rutabegas
3. Fried Apples
4. Cheese Fries
*4 Places I would like to visit:
1. Europe
2. Figi
3. California
4. Anywhere in the Carribean
*4 Things I am looking forward to in the coming year:
1. A new school year with good students! :)
2. Spending our first Christmas together
3. Our 1st anniversary
4. Maybe getting a VOLVO XC90!?
*4 People I tag
1. Lindsey Boyd
2. Katie Amspacher
everyone else I could tag has already done this! :)

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Lauren said...

How in the world did you find this background? I've searched and searched cause someone else also had this background and I love it! Also, how did you add it to your blog? That's the one thing about blogger that I can't figure out. I try to add it to the html page but it always tells me the script won't work. Crazy. Hope you are doing well! :-)