Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Little Piece of Heaven on Earth!

This summer has been about the shortest one yet. It seems like just 2 weeks ago that I was FILLED with excitement because summer was here and school was out. Now, I can actually say I am filled with excitement again, about a new school year. New beginnings really are exciting, I just pray that I have good students this semester.

The summer started off with a trip to the cape of course, on the houseboat with Blair and James. I have worked a few days at the aquarium which is always nice. I see so many vacationers there that I almost feel as though I am on vacation!

I taught an inventions camp this summer to 1-5 graders, which was absolutely amazing! Those kids were so cute and soooo creative! That same week, I house sat for some friends of ours in Deerfield Shores, right on the water, so that was like a vacation as well. We got to swim off the dock, we took the dogs out to swim and we fished as well. They have an amazing house and it was a lot of fun!

Blair and I also took a vacation to Orlando for a week. It was great in that I got to see places that I have never seen in Orlando.

I have gotten a few things on my 'to-do' list completed, but not nearly what I wanted to get done. I am a little upset about that, but maybe one day! :)

I played women's league softball again, and as usual, we had a blast. I have gotten to spend time with my Carleigh bug, but again, not nearly enough! She did get to spend the night with Blair and I last week, and that really was a lot of fun. Blair actually got up when she did (7ish) and cooked us pancakes! He made Carleigh's to look like Mickey Mouse! He is so sweet...and going to make a great daddy some day! I cant wait!

Have said all of this, summer is coming to an end! I went back to work on Thursday! Teacher work days really are great though. It is nice to be able to 'let your guard down' and just do work..clean rooms, fix bulletin boards, etc. with jeans and a tee shirt and no make up! :) I live for no make up!

Well, to get to my 'little piece of heaven' title, James invited us to go spend the weekend on the houseboat this past weekend. Blair had to work Saturday, so we went after he got off and came back late Sunday night. I actually convinced him to live on the edge a little, and we slept on the top of the houseboat under the stars. It was great! Except for the beds got a little too hard so around 6 am I gave in and we went inside! :) Anyway, here are a few pictures from our weekend. Hope everyone is doing well! :)

Swimming off the houseboat...

Just playing...

Riding 'shotgun' on the trip home!


Riding on the bed upfront on the slow, peaceful ride home!

"A little Piece of Heaven"

Our favorite place to be!

My buddy!


Mberenis said...

Great blog! thank you for posting, I've bookmarked this for future reference.

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Mikal said...

We spent some time with Larry's family over there as well. It is truly a "A Little Piece of Heaven on Earth!"

Sounds like a great summer!