Thursday, September 4, 2008


I was at my parents house on the computer and found a bunch of 'old' pictures. I was very excited and decided to share them! Brings back old memories...Time is flying by WAYYYYY to fast!!

1)Kacyn Jumping off the dock on Front Street

2) Me and Kacyn at RBC..she was working and I was enjoying a hockey game!

3) All of us at Disney on Ice

4) One word: INVITATIONS!!!!!!!

5) Blair and I at Granny's one day

6) My bridesmaids, minus Lindsey Boyd after going shopping for dresses!

7) Beautiful Sunrise at the Cape
8) After being on the dock all day!

9) Kacyn and I swimming off the dock on front street
10) Blair and his TOY!
I have more to post, but I couldnt seem to get it to post more than 10!?
Hope all is well with everyone!

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