Sunday, September 21, 2008

What is happening in the life of Kari?

My, how time is flying by. Why is that? When I was younger, time stood still. Now, I cannot grasp how everything comes and goes so quickly! Back around March, Blair told me he was going to St. Louis in September. I thought, 'How exciting!'. He attended an ACE convention there. He has been to 2 other conventions, one in DC and one in Dallas, TX.

So, this past Tuesday, Blair headed out to St. Louis. He was able to take a guest with him, so his mom went as well. I would have liked to go, but being a teacher, it is hard to just up and leave for a week! I am glad he got to take someone with him, because being in a big city by yourself is very lonely! I went to Boston earlier this year and it is not much fun by your self! Anyway, from what they say, they had a blast. They are catching the 12:00 flight from St. Louis and should be home by 8ish tonight.

It is kind of exciting being home alone, but I am soooo ready for him to be back. Little Girl and I are ready for life to get back to normal! I spent Saturday with my parents. They are renovating on the house some, so I helped to that, as well as a little shopping! :) Friday night, I had gate duty at the football game. I actually enjoy that because we get swap time (to use on an optional workday) and I get to see a lot of people. After we were relieved of our duties, we went and watched the football game. What a heart breaker!

Our boys were doing soo good and were pulling out the win, and with 10 seconds to go, the victory was pulled out from under them! A touchdown was scored, making the score was now all up to their kicker. Not one field goal had been made all night, so this one definitely would be the most important. Of course, the union kicker put the ball right directly between the two posts. Man, what a heart breaker. I felt so bad for our boys. They worked so hard all night and just like that it was gone. I guess that is the life of sports! Like the coach said in the paper, they MUST play all 48 minutes.

To round off my weekend, I am working today at the aquarium. It is so peaceful here today. Not many visitors yet and the weather is beautiful! Nice cool breeze, birds chirping, etc. I enjoy working because it is relaxing and I feel like I am on vacation! I see many vacationers, so I feel like I am right there with them.
Well, enough for this post. I am going to try and work on school work and get ready for another wonderful week in the life of a teacher! :) Wouldn't trade it for the world!
Kari (patiently waiting on Blair)

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