Monday, November 24, 2008

I was tagged...

Tagged Again

Its called "seven." What you are supposed to do is list seven things about you most people don't know so here goes...

1. I have trichotrillomania (so my mom says) because I play with my hair ALOT! :)

2. I have OCD about some organization...

3. My kitchen MUST be clean...including the refrigerator (refer to #2)

4. Blair and I actually got together because of a dare...sounds bad, I know..but it isnt...that is another story...

5. I (me, me, me, me, me) must do laundry...I am a laundry freak...Do it about every day!

6. Blair and I had joint custody of my dog (shared with my mom) but have recently gotten full custody! :) Sadly, she is getting old and is going blind, along with other things...breaks my heart every day!

7. I really want to live in Wilmington with Blair for a short while. We both lived there for 4 years, separately unfortunately...I really miss it and want to live there terribly...until we have kids...then need to be home with relatives! :)

Now, I guess I have to tag 7 people!

1. Lindsey Boyd
2. Katie Amspacher
3. Leah Steelman
4. Caroline Corwin
5. Lauren Hancock
6. Mollie Nelson
7. Aly Dart I dont have that many people who have a blog, so I just kind of tagged everyone! :)