Saturday, November 1, 2008

TOTUS, Halloween and Judgement House 08'

Fall and Halloween have become really exciting for me. They were never really my favorite season/holiday, but I have come to enjoy both of them!

On Thursday, the aquarium hosted the TOTUS event. This stands for Trick Or Treat Under the Sea. It is a really fun event we have hosted now for 3 years. Each department has its own theme. It is a safe place for kids to come and enjoy themselves, get their face painted and get LOTS of candy! This year, my department was candy land!

The place was decorated PERFECTLY. There were lollipops, cotton candy, gingerbread men, you name it, we had it!

I was a face painter, so I decided to do an easy costume and have a candy hat! My mom and I made this and it really was a lot of fun! I also wore a shiny red top to represent candy wrapper. I was outside, so it was freezing and I had to put on a long sleeve shirt, which is why it looks so tacky! :)

Between 4 and 8, we had almost 3000 people so we were insane at the end of the night. We were winding down and I put my hat up on the counter and forgot about it. When I went to pick it up, someone had taken all of my mints off my hat!!!!!!!!!!!! Sneaky! A picture just happened to be gotten!! You cant trust anyone these days! :)

Mom, Juanita, Jayme and Carleigh came to the aquarium. Carleigh and Jayme had the best time. Jayme loved the haunted walk. She was kind of scared so she wanted me to go with her. Once she went through, she was fine. She went through 3 more times by herself! :) This is the only picture I have of her, and we weren't paying attention! She was dressed up like a doctor, but had her coat on because she was outside on the haunted walk!

Isn't she beautiful! Anyway, Carleigh was a fifties girl with her poodle skirt on! Here she is when she first got to the aquarium while I was still painting faces. She LOVES candy, so she was in LOVE with my candy hat!

Here she is looking at the rays. She got my attention one time by screaming "SISSY" and I said, "WHAT!" She started stomping her feet and put her hands on her hip and said "I am SOOOO mad!" I said "what in the world!" She was furious because she couldn't touch the fish. She is used to being able to put her hands in the water and she couldn't and she was just so mad! :) She is a trip!

She loved the jellyfish, until she realized there was a man inside! She is usually scared of NOTHING, but when the man asked her for a hug, she said "No, I don't like it...there is a man inside!" I couldn't help but laugh my head off!!!

Kendalyn also came to visit. She was soo cute as a little puppy dog. I didn't get to spend much time with her because I didn't see her come in and I didn't know she was there. At least we did bump into each other and I got to get a picture!
TOTUS was as much fun as usual. There were sooo many people there this year that it was crazy, but fun at the same time. All the little kids were just soooo cute!
Friday was a half day for us at school! When I got home Thursday night, mom called and she had made cookies for my students! She is soo sweet! The cookies look like little witches hats!

They were so surprised and really helped with the mood of Halloween!
I had to go pick up the cookies from mom's house on Friday morning before school because I was too tired after TOTUS to go get them. It has been almost a year since I have come to school from the Down East direction. It was nice to do this and bring back old memories. I have such a short drive to work and do not get to go over any bridges anymore. I couldn't help myself, but the morning was soo pretty that I just had to take a picture. Here is a picture of North River before sunrise. Don't we just live in a magical place?

Anyway, to finish of my post, I want to talk a little about Judgement House. Judgement House is a walk through drama that is put on by churches throughout the state. There are several different versions of the drama, but they all portray the same meaning. Our drama depicts a family that looses 2 children in a house fire. The daughter accepted Jesus into her heart the day before the fire, so she goes to heaven. The son refuses to listen to his sister, so of course he goes to Hell. This is an amazing production that has taken so many man hours to put on. Blair and I were blessed to get involved with this production. We are not characters, but he is a security guard and I do make-up and the data entry on the computer. Again, we are so blessed and have witnessed so many wonderful things in the 2 weekends we have been involved with this. Tonight is the last night. The first two nights of the production were last Friday and Saturday, then we had a production last night and one tonight. This has been such a big hit for the down east area that we are deciding weather to do it Sunday afternoon because we have had to turn so many people away. I pray we can do this again, and Blair and I can be involved.
I pray everyone who is reading this is doing well. I am very excited about the upcoming holidays with my husband! This will be our first together. There is something about firsts that just warm my heart! :)


Andrea and Tim said...

It looks like you had a great Halloween! I love the picture you took in your car. That view is something you just don't get in Raleigh.

Mikal said...

What a busy time; so full of fun!

Lauren said...

Oh yes TOTUS....
Lots of work but the kids enjoy it so much. This year I decorated for college students instead. The themes tends to be more blood and guts rather than Candyland...haha. A lot different but I must say it's a lot more fun watching the little kids enjoy your work.You just can't get that reaction from older people! I loved your candy hat by the way! Hope you are doing well! Hug that lil boston of yours for me!

~Kari AND Blair~ said...


YEs, the kids definately make it worth it!! Did you hear Becky had her baby? Anyway, thanks for liking the Candy hat! :) It was fun to make! I will hug little girl for you...we kiss and hug on her like she is a newborn baby! hehe...she is so lazy though...I got home at 5 today and she was still in the bed from 10 this am!! I know this becuase she cannot get up on the bed on her own because it is too high!!!