Monday, November 24, 2008

What a hectic weekend...

Well, here is how the weekend went down for the Willis'...

I (Kari) had to work on Saturday at the aquarium. Go figure, if Blair has a day off, Kari is working!

Anyway, Blair stayed home and chiseled on the 'Honey-do' list! hehe...The TV needed to be moved to the other side of the living do this, of course, the cable had to be moved. This included crawling under the house to do. So, Blair and James (my other honey! :) worked on this all day. YAY! We got our living room re-arranged!

As soon as we had finished this and had eaten supper, someone pulled up in our yard! It was SANTA! My mom and dad had made a special trip to Lowe's and bought us a brand new Christmas tree!! Yay! I was soo excited, I had to put it together right then! So, now we have a Christmas tree up, but nothing else! I will post pics when I make it all pretty! :)

So, after all the excitement died down and everyone went home, Blair and I went to bed. On the way there, he asked if I knew where his cell phone was. We searched the house and the truck cell phone. So, we called it. I could hear it ringing, so I knew it was somewhere close. Blair kept is in the office. I was in the office and it clearly was not in there. Anyway, to make a long story is under the house! hehehehehehehehhe....He 'thought' he took it out of his pocket, but I guess he didn't.!!! We laughed so hard about this! :) It was almost midnight and a black freeze outside, so he did not shimmy his way back under the house (which is a pretty long distance) to get it. We knew it was under there however, because we could see it lighting up! :)

Well, we kind of overslept Sunday, so were rushed to get to Church, so he did not get back under the house to get it!

We went to Church and had a covered dish dinner for the workers of Judgement House. We rushed from there to Morehead to attend the memorial service for Brad Sneeden, the late superintendent of CC Schools. We then went to Outback to eat with Blair's mom.

After that, we rushed back to church because there was a comedian the way, he is should look him up...Barry McGee...he is the Chaplain for Rick Hendrix racing. He puts on an amazing show. Check out his video clips of Harvey Tator!

Anyway, so that was our Sunday, in a nut shell. We got home about 10 and I had to cook lunch for school on Monday! We in the science department rotate Monday lunches, and of course, mind was, I finally got to bed (after doing laundry as well) around 12....

What an exhausting weekend! I am soooooooo glad this is a short week!

I am also ready to eat THREE thanksgiving dinners....oh Lord, please help me! :)

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