Sunday, December 28, 2008

I am sooooo blessed!!

OK...I can truely say I just had the best Christmas EVER! Yes, the year I got my car was pretty awesome, but there was just something different about this Christmas.

This was our first Christmas as a married couple. I got up really early, but had to pull on Blair and let him know that Santa had come! :) Anyway, for some reason (the reason to follow) I could not open any of my presents here, I had to wait until we got to my parents!

So, we go there pretty early. I am glad my dad is not a ball of tears because I was not there to wake up! :) Anyway, we get there and do all the gift exchanging. To my HOPE and SUPRISE, I got a Nikon D60 from my hubby!!!!

I was sooooo excited! Now, I just have to learn how to use it! :) My wonderful husband also built me an entertainment center and book cases! I do not have a pic of that yet, but will update that later! How exciting!!!! I have been wanting both of these for a really long time and I finally got them!!!!! I must have been a really good girl this year! :):)

This was the first pic taken with my new camera!

Santa also came and saw Blair. He got a radio for the boat, a Remington gun (from me and my dad), new shoes, new watch, a few kitchen gadgets, clothes, tools, etc...

Blair being silly with his gun

So....we opened all these presents and then went outside and showed mom and dad their present from us, which was a dishwasher. So, we came back inside and Kacyn announced that mom had to go to the bathroom. I thought to myself, geez Kacyn, I am sure we all wanted to know that. We just sat around and I was playing with my camera. I kept thinking about little girl and how that was the first Christmas in a long time without her. I really miss her and I was having a little bit of a sad moment and I vaguely remember the door opening to my parents bedroom. I could not see the door because of the Christmas tree and my mind was on other things, but something made me look that way and there stood a little puppy looking at me!!!! I must have scared it because it was just staring at my with its eyes about to pop out of its head! It looked just like my little girl did when she was a puppy. I just burst into tears. That was a very scary moment for me. I was so happy and the puppy was so cute, but I was so sad and wanted my little girl back. I was also scared because I didnt want to look at it again, or hold it because of fear of my feelings for little girl, etc. I dont know, it was just an extremem rush of emotions: happy, sad, scared, just wierd all around. Well, I soon got over some of the emotions (not all of them). I really have fallen in love again, but it is TOTALLY different. I feel guilty, like I am betraying little girl. I feel scared to get attached again. Anyway, here she is....the new Miss Bella Angel. She is little girl's angel and we will call her Bella.

She is VERY cute and definately has a mind of her own. My parents had her from Saturday until Thursday (Christmas day)...They did a good job of hiding her! I only went there last Sunday, but Kacyn's friend Brittney kept her during the day when Kacyn and I were together. So, she has been from house to house, bless her heart! I hope she doesnt get too confused on where she belongs! We bought her a crate yesterday to stay in while we are at work. I do not think she is a fan! I have put her in it several times to get her used to it and the last time I put her in, she did the best yet. Hopefully, she will learn to love it!

Blair and I said we would not put her in the bed....well, refer to the picture above...she is in the bed. She has done really good for 3 nights. She is a good sleeper!! :)

Anyway, I will post again aboud Miss Bella. I am sure I will have a lot to write about!

I have not posted any on our decorations, so here are a few pics. Decorating my own house for the first time was really exciting!!

Well, I guess this is enough for now. I am sure I will have lots more to post later. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. I know I did!!!!! Well, gotta get back to my Bella Boo...

Oh...Tomorrow is our 1 year anniversary! We were supposed to go to Wilmington this morning, but Blair came down with a horrible stomach bug, so he is in the bed! YUCK...


Sweet Caroline said...

I'm glad you and your family had a great Christmas!!! I too got the same camera from my parents as a graduation/Christmas present!! Isn't it AWESOME?!?! I just love it. I've already taken like over 100 pics! haha anyways, miss Bella is adorable! take care girly!

lov said...

you are a blessed girl, with a special family and sweet hubby!
merry merry to all of you!