Saturday, February 28, 2009

Celeste and Ethen Update

I talked to Mrs. Cathy around 7 tonight and she gave me the latest update.

Last Tuesday they were supposed to close Celeste's wound up, but she was too swolen. They packed her opening with sponge stuff and let it rest. She was finally able to get up and move around, but she is extremely sore and tired, so that did not happen much.

Luckily, yesterday they were able to go in and sew her up which took over 2 hours! They had alot of different layers to get through and they took their time!

Jason has been staying at home with Ethen. He was released on Monday. I have talked to him a few times and I think he is the best daddy! Mrs. Cathy said he is up like clockwork to make sure Ethen eats when he is supposed to!

Jason took Ethen to his first doctors appointment this morning. He has gained weight!! He is not eating a whole lot, so everyone was concerned, but he now weighs 5.5 lbs!!!! YAY ETHEN!!

Jason has been able to bring Ethen to see Celeste a few times. She has been able to hold him when she felt up to it and wasn't too sore! The word from the doctors is that if she continues to do well, they will let her go home Monday, hopefully! Mrs. Cathy has been staying alot, when Jason couldn't stay, so I she is extremely tired as well. Tuesday will be 3 weeks since she has been in there, so I KNOW she is exhausted and ready to see day light, not to mention get home with her BEAUTIFUL baby....Did I mention BEAUTIFUL!? I posted pics last week of him on myspace and facebook, but those were from my phone that Jason sent. I knew he was pretty, but I had no idea HOW pretty until finally seeing better, more clear pictures! Celeste was able to post a few days ago on her myspace, so if you have her and have not seen her pictures, go on and take a look. I have a few pictures here and he is the most beautiful baby ever!!!!

I CANNOT wait for them to make their trek to NC......

Thanks for all of your prayers. Celeste is truely thankful as well and she will be catching up on all the comments soon hopefully!!

Continue to pray because she still has a long road ahead of her.

Here are a few pics...ENJOY!

The last one is my favorite!!!!


Lauren said...

Kari I've been following Celeste and her baby's progress on your blog so thanks for sharing. I'm glad Celeste is getting better and is able to hold Ethen. He is such a cutie!

Lauren said...

Any updates with you and your family or Celeste and hers?