Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Latest update on Celeste

Here is the latest, as of 8:30 (our time) last night...

Cathy called me at 8:30 last night. They took Celeste back in the OR at 2:00 p.m. our time. The infection is much better. However, there is another place that has come on her small intestines that looks like a chaffed place. He said that hopefully it was like a water hose that looks worn on the outside, but the inside is fine. She is still running a fever. They had removed all of the scarred tissue but 4 new places have already come back. The doctor left that because he said that if he removed it, it would probably just come right back. They left her wound open and put her back in isolation and she will remain in the comma until Thursday evening when they will go back in and check her intestines again. If need be, he will remove the part that is irritated. Cathy said that she was not in the comma quite as deep as before and that sometimes she is conscious enough that she acts like she knows what they are saying. She still has the tube down her throat along with all of the other tubes so she can't speak. She can only slightly move her head, her fingers, and her toes. On a brighter note, they are taking her milk and Jason is feeding Ethan. He is eating very well and gaining weight quickly. The doctors said that he might be able to go home in a couple of days. It would probably be better for them if they let him stay at the hospital. Cathy seemed a little bit more optomistic last night but Celeste is definitely not out of the woods. We still need to pray for her and her family.

Hopefully, Celeste is not 'aware' of things when she is in and out of consciousness because I think it would be heart breaking. I have not had a child yet, but to know if I was in a coma for a week right after my baby was born would break my heart! This is no constellation on the family, but I am pray everything will be back to normal very quickly.

I told Mrs. Cathy that I was keeping everyone posted through my blog and myspace, and she really appreciated that and knew Celeste will appreciate it when she can sit back and read all the comments.

Thanks again, just keep praying!


Allison said...

Please let Ms. Cathy know that I am thinking of them. I can't imagine how hard this. Celeste is strong and she will be just fine. I will continue to pray for her. Thank you for the updates.

~Kari AND Blair~ said...

Thank you...I have her mailing address at the hospital and at home if you want it...just message me and I will get it to you