Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More news on Celeste

I just got off the phone with Mrs. Cathy. Celeste is doing much better. They have brought her 'out' of the coma...this meaning, they can talk to her and she can respond some, but she still has tubes down her throat and cannot move! But she is aware what is going on, and knows all about her baby. This is killing Mrs. Cathy...she made the comment that she wanted someone with her at all times, because there are things she needs that she cannot do on her own, like scratch somewhere, or put a cold rag on her head, or rub her feet....But, the nurses cannot be there the entire time, and the family has to leave at certain times during the day.

Anwyay, they are taking her in first thing in the morning and are going to check things out, then sew her up, hopefully! Once they do that, they can take her off the machines, which is what is annoying her the most! She is going to call my mom as soon as she can and I will update as soon as I can! Lets just pray that all of this is over tomorrow and she can go home in the next few days, maybe even the weekend! Yes, this is high hopes, but what else do we have!?

On a lighter note, Ethen is doing really well. They are allowing Jason to pump from Celeste and he is feeding Ethen. He is eating really well, and has gained a good amount of weight. He is almost to 'normal' size of a baby his term. He will probably get to go home tomorrow!!!

This is unfortunate for Celeste because her baby will go home before she will, but GOD knows what he is doing, and all will work out for the good.

The hospital Celeste is at is Thomason Hospital in El Paso, TX. I went on their website and you can send emails to the patients. I tried this tonight, and hopefully she will get it tomorrow. I will ask Mrs. Cathy if this works, so if you want to send a quick message, this is the easiest way! If you want her mailing address at the hospital or at home, I have it as well.

Thanks again for all your prayers. Mrs. Cathy was so appreciative and wanted me to tell everyone so.

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Tiffany Nelson said...

I know of Celeste please keep us informed. She will be in our prayers