Monday, July 20, 2009

Geez...I will do better!

OK. Obviously, I am not very good at this. When my husband tells me I need to update my blog, it is really bad!!

So, what has been going on in the lives of the Willis'?

Little Miss Bella is growing like a weed. Hopefully, she is fully grown now!? We will see!!

Bella has quite the personality. I swear she is just like a child. If I take something from her that she wants, she pitches a fit and digs her head into the floor! I have never seen anything like it. I have to go around the house every night and pick up all of her toys that she MUST have out. She can't get one and play with it, she must take them ALL out of the basket. Here is her mean face we see quite often! Now, this is always the face we see...she can be very sweet (when she wants to be!)

This summer is FLYING by...I have been super busy! I have had a 6 day long workshop, Camp Invention for a week (which was amazing!!), work, bible school and several photo sessions. At least I can't say I waisted my summer away doing nothing! Although, I do NOT like loosing my tan in the middle of the summer. I have only been out once since 4th of July!!!!!

Anyway, Blair and I had a short (but sweet) vacation in Myrtle Beach. We were given this trip by his mother for Christmas. It was nice. We saw Clint Black at the Alabama Theater and had the most AMAZING seats in the entire place...This is my FAVORITE picture!!!

Bella also had a little surgery. We had her fixed and she had a dew claw (I guess that is how you spell it!???) removed that was 'skipped' over at birth. Anyway, she did really good with that. It was a little sad, however (see picture below!)

I have been playing ball on Tuesdays and Thursdays, church on Wednesdays! So, by the end of the week, we are exhausted! I made a comment the other day that school would have to start so I could slow down a little!

Well, I guess that is enough for now. If I think of anything else, I will be sure to add! I am going to do a few more posts of my recent photo sessions. I am so glad to get all this practice this summer!

I pray everyone is doing great! Sorry for the LONG delay in post!!!

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