Monday, November 16, 2009

My, how time flies...

From L to R: Front row: Amanda, Alison and Miranda. Back row: Me, Chasity and Celeste

This weekend was a reunion of sorts! Celeste is in from Texas for a few weeks, so we all got together on Sunday afternoon. We met at the Spouter Inn on the waterfront at 1. This was a great, cozy place to meet and the food was delicious as well! I got the crab cakes in a pita with a dill is my favorite!

We wanted to hang out longer, so we all came back to my house for desert. I made brownies and everyone brought toppings. We had brownie sundays! They were very good and it was a nice (cheaper) way to enjoy company and get a good sweet treat! Plus, I think all the kiddos had more fun!

I think the kids really enjoyed everyone's company. Too bad they didn't want to sit and have their picture made! I didn't think about putting my 'child' up there. Too bad Bella would have been all over the place and jumping all over the kids! They liked her, but she was too spastic and I had to keep putting her in her kenel so there would be some peace! :) My 'child' was definately not the best behaved child there! Here are some pics from the day. Crazy me took my huge camera to lunch and didn't bring it out to take pics. This is sooo UNLIKE me...I guess all the kids were having such a good time and being so well behaved that I never thought about it! I must say that my friends do have very well behaved children. They all sat right there and didn't cry or fuss about anything!

Celeste and Ethen

Hillary and Charlotte...Hillary is such a big helper!



Hillary was a great babysitter for Bella. They were watching TV together!

Sweet little Charlotte. She was so cute and very well behaved! And check out those BLUE eyes!

Miranda (Holden's mom) with her arms full. Charlotte just LOVED Miranda.

Here is the stud muffin himself!

After all the kids left, Ethen was EXHAUSTED. He layed like this for a while, then Celeste layed him on the floor. He was comfy until Bella decided she needed to jump on his head! Poor thing couldn't defend himself!

Here is the whole gang! This was the most hilarious part of the evening! Trying to get a picture of everyone looking (with their eyes open, Chas!) except the camera was on a tripod, so there was no one standing there calling the kids! Holden is having fun pulling Hillary's hair! :)

Anyway, I am so glad we got the chance to get together. We have not been all together like this since high school. We are still the same and can have the same fun! Some of us now just have a little toy to bring along!

Holden is a little stud that looks EXACTLY like his daddy! Ethen is chaning so much into a little boy and he looks just like his MOMMA! Charlotte just sat back and took everything in! Hillary was older, but still had alot of fun. I think she had more fun with Bella. Hillary and Charlotte look exactly like their mom, Chasity!

It is so funny to get together. Technically, it is my turn next for kids, I guess! I do think it is pretty cool that I had my first play date with kids, yet I have no kids yet! That was fun. I really look forward to doing it again. We had so much fun, we are already planning a Christmas party! Time changes everyone, and we are all on totally different schedules. It was nice to just STOP and be the high school gang we once were. We had ALOT of good times together, and I can't WAIT to watch National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation when we get together for Christmas. This was our 'theme' movie...and I giggle everytime I think about it (including now)...oh, the memories...

Rusty in the navy, Aunt Bethanie saying Grace, 'What's that funny squeeking noise?" and there are many more...


Lindsey said...

I watched Nat'l Lampoons Xmas Vacation a couple of weeks ago on tv and the whole time I kept thinking about all those fun times we had in colorguard! I can't wait to see it again, hopefully it will be in the presence of all of the girls! I about peed myself when Aunt Bethanie said, "Oh dear, did I break wind?" haha I'm still giggling... :)

Lauren said...

We watched that movie last night! "Lotta sap in here!" I love the pictures with you, your friends and all their kids. Amazing that our friends are having kids. I can't wait to get together with my little high school group for a Christmas get together. It's so fun to be together again even if it's just for a little bit.