Monday, January 25, 2010

NoT Me MoNdAy!!

Here goes for this week's not me Monday...

1. I did not want to lay in bed this morning during the monsoon. Nope, I was so excited to get up while Blair and Bella snuggled in bed.

2. I did not get soaked going into school. The umbrella protected me perfectly!

3. I did not show the same power point three times today to my three different classes!

4. I did not come home and grab my baby girl and take her to the vet. Nope, I did not spend 125 more dollars on her! Nope, I do not just love her to death!

5. I did not stop to the dollar tree and get Valentine suckers for my students.

6. I did not stop to Musashi and pick up sushi for supper. No, I would NEVER do that and will probably never do that again!

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Anonymous said...

Haha very cute!