Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Winter Wonderland!

I had fun preparing for Valentines Day this year. I cannot wait to have a little girl to help me decorate cupcakes and cookies, and take Valentines cards to all her little friends at school!

A few days before Valentines day, Carleigh came over and helped me decorate cupcakes! She had a lot of fun, but mainly wanted to do the eating...

Who knew, that Carteret County would get snow this year. We usually get a 'dusting' (to say the least)...yes, the whole County still shuts down. This year we got quite a bit more! I was so excited! It was so bright outside that I woke up at like 6 and we started playing!

Here are pics of our Winter Wonderland!

And my favorite part of the snow.....SNOW CREAM!!!!! This year, I made it with condensed milk (fat free!) instead of canned milk. I think it was 100 times better!

Bella liked it pretty good too!!

We cooked alot this weekend! Blair cooked breakfast both days. On Saturday, after breakfast we went to front street to his grandmothers house. Front street was absolutely beautiful! There are pictures below. We left there and went down to my parents house. My dad has a 4wheeler, so we got the wake board from front street and had a little fun in the snow. There wasn't much ice, so it was a little challenging! :) Here are random pics from the day.

These pics are from front street at Blair's grandmothers...

Lastly, I will leave you with a pic of the BEST fried apples! Cracker Barrel has nothing on Blair!
They weren't quite finished yet, but they were sooo good!


Anonymous said...

Ohmygosh! Yall did some good eatin'! I love the pictures... those cupcakes look oh-so-yummy!!!

Lauren said...

I'm glad you guys got some snow down there! I remember when I used to get excited about snow. Bella looks cute as ever eatin that snow cream! You need to email me that apple recipe!

chili pepper said...

I love your color pallette over here. What gorgeous pics. I love fried apples... but haven't made them in a long time. Usually I do them in the fall when apples are plentiful and cheap.

Happy Monday!