Thursday, May 20, 2010

All Grown up!

On Saturday, May 15th, my baby sister graduated from North Carolina State University!

It is hard to believe that little girl that aggravated me so much, is now a NC State Alumni!
On Friday, we drove up and took Bella by Kacyn's apartment.  Poor Kacyn had to deal with Bella and Tux in one small apartment!  Shew...I think she got 2 hours of sleep!

Blair and I went to the hotel and slept a few hours and were up way too early in time to get ready and head back to Kacyn's aparment.
We then spent the next couple of hours in this sea of Red!!

When this was over, we went back to Kacyn's apartment and mom, BJ and Blair prepared us all lunch because we had to be back at Reynold's at 3:00 for her departmental graduation.
This is also when Kacyn got her graduation gift which was a Nikon Camera from my parents!  Shocked...

Kacyn was the ONLY graduate who's name got called twice!!  haha...Funny story!  The announcer messed up and skipped a few people, then realized it and got back on track.  Then announced, for the second time, KACYN ALANE WILLIS...

We are so proud of her!

After graduation, we went to Kabuka, which is a Japanese resturant in Cary and it was sooo good!  I branched out and tried a little different Sushi and loved it!

Next year, Kacyn will move 'up the road' to Chapel Hill for a year long program to become a Nuclear Medical Technician!  Good Luck Aunt Kay-Kay! :)

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Yay!!! Congrats! :)