Friday, May 28, 2010

Show Us Your Life - Things that you LOVE/Make you happy

Kelly's Korner host's 'Show Us Your Life' Friday's.  I don't usually participate, but I decided to today.
So, what do I love?

I love these two!  I have a wonderful husband and I ADORE my baby girl, Bella.  They are a great pair, but she sure is a moma's girl! :)
I sure do miss my precious little girl, though!

My family also ranks pretty high!  We are very close, thank GOD.

I also love all of mine and Blair's family.  We both come from pretty big families, and we love it that way.  Two of my favorite (all are my favorite) are these two munchkins here.  Corey is getting so big and Carleigh is just turning into quite the princess.  Matter of fact, her birthday wish this year was to be Cinderella! :)

I truly believe I could spend EVERY day at this BEAUTIFUL place we call Heaven on Earth.
Thankfully, Cape Lookout is still somewhat secluded and there are no hotels or condos here, yet.

One of my greatest gifts so far (other than my diamond, car, Bella, etc) has been my camera.  I use it probably too much, but I just absolutely LOVE taking pictures.  This is my little cousin, Jayme last summer.  Who would have thought that my grandfathers junk barn would look so cute in pictures!?

I also LOVE softball.  My love for the game has lead me to coaching the JV team at EAST.  We had a great group of girls this season.  Our varsity season ended a little too soon, unfortunately, but we have promising years coming up!

And lastly, but DEFINITELY not least is my church/church family.  We attend the BEST church in the area, I will argue that with anyone!  Blair and I are so priveledged to be able to work with our youth group.  This has, by far, been one of the greatest things we have done together.  I pray that we continue to grow in the Lord through this youth ministry.

I pray everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend.  We are having Kacyn's graduation party tomorrow night, so I will hopefully post an update about that soon!

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