Thursday, October 14, 2010

Is time flying, or standing still?

Well, it is the middle of October and I am 17 weeks pregnant! In some ways, time is flying, yet time also seems to be standing still! :)

My phone update states that the babies are the size of onions (this is for one baby, so they could be a little smaller!?!).  Maybe I should go fix some onion rings! ha!

So, what has been happening in the Willis house lately?  Not much.  We haven't really started preparing at all for the babies, and by the looks of the spare bedroom, we should have already started!  I told Blair we needed to have the back room cleaned out by November 11th, so we can start on the babies bedrooms.

This past weekend, we spent the weekend in Wilmington/Myrtle Beach.  We drove to Wilmington Friday night and visited the university on Saturday.  Here is a picture the 'babies' first visit to UNCW! :)
I was a little bummed because the bookstore was not open when we were there...I really wanted to get 2 seahawk onesies!

It is hard to believe we both spent 4 years of our lives here, and it has been so long ago.  I miss Wilmington terribly...

We left Wilmington and went to Myrtle Beach. Blair was thrilled to spend some time in Bass Pro Shop.  We shopped arond the mall for a while, then met Blairs parents at Joe's Crabshack!  YUM!!!  We all got the clambake pots and they were sooo good.

Of course, the 'hot sign' was on when we came by Krispy Kreme, so we had to stop!

Sunday, we slept in a little, then went to Tanger outlets shopping.  We mainly went to the maternity store to buy me some maternity clothes.  I am not wearing those yet, but I am sure my day is coming! ha!  And man, those maternity pants are soo comfortable!!!  I should make those a part of my daily wardrobe! ha!  I bought 6 paris of pants and I hope to be able to not have to buy any more pants, but we will see!

It was a short, but sweet weekend.  I was so glad to get back to my Bella-Boo (who turned 2 on Saturday...we are horrible parents! ha!)


We went back to the doctor on Tuesday to get the AFP test results.  Praise God that all the bloodwork came back negative!  This is such a huge relief!  The doctor actually said he couldn't ask for things to be going any better than they are, at this point.  I pray that things continue this way.  I really can't wait to meet these little miracles and I pray they come healthy!  GOD IS GOOD!

Lastly, here are my 'pregnancy details' for the week:

  • How Far along: 17 weeks.
  • Total Weight Gain/Loss: Lost 7 lbs
  • Maternity Clothes: Just the bella bands with some pants
  • Gender: Not sure! We should find out October 28th!
  • Movement: Not yet (that I know of...I haven't felt anything that I could say...That was movement..)
  • Sleep: Not bad...
  • What I miss: nothing really
  • Symptons: Just some food adversions and very sensitive nose
  • Best Moment this week: getting negative test results for the AFP test!

P.S. I have been 2 days without a headache! Woohooo!!  This is such a blessing because I have been having terrible headaches/migraines! 

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Anonymous said...

Very Exciting... I feel like the time if flying by but thats just me ;)