Wednesday, December 1, 2010

24 Weeks!

I am now 24 weeks pregnant!  I can't believe that in one sense, and in another, I feel like I want to see these girls NOW (but when they are fully developed and ready to come home with me! ha!).  At this point, pregnancy is a very easy thing for me.  I know my time is coming, but I am so thankful for the breeze of 24 weeks that I have had so far!
The girls are the size of an ear of corn.  They are approximately 12 inches long.  At our 23 week sonogram last Wednesday, one baby weighed 1lb 5 oz and the other weighed 1lb 6 oz!  They are measuring ahead of schedule and have really long legs!!  This is all so exciting!!

The babies are getting harder to see in a sonogram because they are getting bigger!  It can be very confusing, but our U/S technician is GREAT and explains everything!

The picture above says it all.  This is the first time we have been able to get both of them in one picture.  This is looking at the tops of their heads.  They were both facing the same direction this time!

Yep, they are still girls!  I think Blair was holding out that the last sonogram might have been a mistake and there was ONE boy in there! ha!

Just kidding, I think he is really excited, just a little overwhelmed at first because he is completely outnumbered now! :)

So, here are my pregnancy highlights lately:

•How Far along: 23 weeks.

•Total Weight Gain/Loss: Still down about 4 lbs (I know, this seems so strange, but the doctor is not worried at all...the babies are growing and healthy!)

•Maternity Clothes: I wearing more maternity pants...they are sooo comfy.  I can still fit into some of my regular pants, but I figure I would get the most wear out of the maternity ones as I can!
•Gender: TWO GIRLS!!!
•Movement: I have been feeling little flutters here and there, usually only when I am laying and very still, but lately, the movement is getting more frequent, and it is so exciting!
•Sleep: Getting very uncomfortable...Hips and legs ache and the sciatic nerve running down my right back side can be VERY painful at times!
•What I miss: nothing really

•Symptons: Some pain if I have been sitting a long time and get up really quickly...I have to be a little slower in my movements!
•Best Moment this week: getting to see our girls again, and feeling them move a lot more!!

No, we do not have names yet.  This is turning out to be a lot harder than I had anticipated.  We have a few names we keep throwing around, but we cannot make a decisions and stick with it!  Maybe they will have a name before they are 4 days old! :)

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