Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend

Can you believe Thanksgiving has come and gone already!??  We will be saying this soon enough about Christmas!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.  We ate THREE thanksgiving dinners. 
  • My grandmother's at 12:30
  • Blair's grandmother's at 3:00
  • Blair's fathers at 5:00
Geesh!!   Can you say stuffed?  I actually did very well and only ate small amounts at each.  The final straw was the carrot cake at his father's that put me over the edge.  I hadn't had any other deserts all day, and just could not turn down the homemade carrot cake.  But, after that I was miserable!

This year, we decided to go to Myrtle Beach shopping.  So, after I ate at his father's, I picked Renae, Carleigh and Corey up and we headed to MB.  We left Aunt Debbie's at 6:30 (crazy, I know!) and arrived around 10 in MB.  My mom, Kacyn, Juanita, Jayme and Granny went a littler earlier than we did, so they were there when we got there.

We had a lot of fun.  The kids did SOOO well.  Corey slept from Otway to Shallote and Carleigh fell asleep somewhere around Jacksonville, until Shallote.  The DVD player in the Yukon was a life saver!

On Friday, we went shopping, of course.  I was afraid I would get too tired and over do it, but I made out ok.  Sleeping in the strange bed was the worst on me.  There was only ONE pillow and I was just exhausted from Thanksgiving day, then the drive down that Thursday night was MISERABLE!  Friday night was much better!
On Friday, we stayed around the Tanger outlets and Kirklands.

On Saturday, we got packed up and headed down to Hamrick's and Kohl's.

I am really looking forward to next year!  Ha!  We will see if I am up to taking 2 9 month olds off on a shopping trip...It will definitely be interesting!!

I did get most of my Christmas shopping done while there.  I only have a few more gifts to purchase and I am done! 
Now, if I could only get my Christmas stuff up, I will be good to go.  We took all the stuff from she shed last night and are in the process of unpacking, but nothing is up yet, except for wreaths on windows.


This is what was waiting for Kacyn and I when we arrived home!  They were some kind of happy!!

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