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Christmas 2010

Well, just like that, Christmas has come and gone.  I love the Christmas season and wish it wouldn't go by so fast!

  This post is going to contain lots of random information.  Here is Blair and I on Christmas Sunday.  Everyone wanted a 'belly' pic, but I am not showing THAT much...and this picture doesn't really show anything. 

We had a wonderful Christmas service at church and everyone looked so beautiful!  After church and dinner, I went with Blair to ride in the firetruck to take Santa around Davis.  It was a lot of fun and got us in the 'Christmas' spirit! :)  Even better was that I had the whole week off!  And yes, I was pretty lazy all week except for getting ready for Christmas.

Christmas eve was filled with family time!  Blair had to work until 3, then we went to his grandmothers to eat with that side of the family.  It is so nice to get together and relax and we enjoyed wonderful food!

Blair's mom had to give him an 'early' Christmas present and hilarious does not describe the gift!  We all know that we are expecting twins.  There is a lot of work that comes with twins, and what better way than this for Blair to help me out...

His own man boobs!!! :):):)  Also, he is fully equipped with the following items: gloves, paci's, wipes, air freshener, destin, power, shampoo, a pooper scooper (in his hand), tongs for messy diapers, goggles, face mask and bag clips!!!  I think he is one PREPARED daddy!! :)

After we left Beaufort, we went to Williston to his father's house.  We have a little get together there and my parents and sister came as well.  We joined them for their Christmas Eve candlelight service.  It was a wonderful service and really slowed things down and reminded us to keep our 'lights' lit all year round.  (Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures from this part of the night!)

Here is our house on Christmas morning!  I can't help but get excited about what this will look like next year!  I am sure it will be quite a bit different!!  Blair and I exchanged our small gifts on Christmas eve because we have so many places to be on Christmas.  We were not going to get each other anything, but I did get him a few small things because he does so much for me.  Well, sure enough, he 'broke the rules' also and got me some gifts!  I got him a Columbia shirt, guy Harvey long sleeve, PINK tie to wear the first Sunday we take the girls to church and their baby dedication, and a grill light (so those steaks he cooks me can be seen better in the dark!)...he also has a steam cleaner for the grill coming, but as soon as I ordered it, they sent me a message saying they were on back order.

Blair got me a calendar mouse pad with my name and an encouraging quote for school, a laptop tray, and a very precious piece of jewelry.  I have waited for the day I could wear one of these.  He got me the mother and child necklace.
I have never seen them like this, but it actually has the mother, father and twins.  This really means a lot to me and I am so blessed to have such a great husband and I know he will be an amazing father to these two girls.  I can tell that they already have him wrapped!! :)

This is a view of Ward's Creek on Christmas morning.  Is this not the most peaceful looking place ever?!  If that line of trees weren't there, you wouldn't know the difference in the water and the sky.  God is truly amazing to give us such wonderful sights to remind us that He is God and He created all things.

 We started off Christmas morning going to Blair's mom's.  This is what we walked in to!!  WOW!!  These little girls are going to be very well dressed!!!

Here is 'my' chair!  I forgot to take a pic of Blair's chair because I was so overwhelmed with all of my gifts from her!  I have wanted a Cricut for years now and I am so excited to finally get one.  Now, if I can get our office organized enough to set this up and start using it!!

We also got a TV for the baby's room and a WII from JeJe.

Lastly, I don't have a picture quite yet, but our BIG present from JeJe was a new living room suit!!!!  With the babies coming, I kept saying I wanted a, she surprised us with a whole new living room suit!   A leather couch and 2 recliners!!!!  We are so thankful for all she does for us!  I can't wait for her to meet these little girls!

Once we left JeJe's we went to Otway to do Christmas with my side of the family.  Our first stop is my grandmothers.  We all gather there the same time every year and it is mass chaos!!!  Granny fixes ham and biscuits and we all sit around and talk and eat for a little while, then pile in the living room with the thousands of presents and begin the whirlwind!   Here is our car for the day!

Once we left Granny's we went to my mom's and opened presents there.

Here is mom's tree before the disaster begins! :)

I am so blessed to have such wonderful parents.  My parents got us the bedding for the babies room,  a Cricut also (my mom didn't know Jeanne was getting me one, so they both got me one!  They both love me too much!!  Now, I have to take one back :( )
 diaper bags (one for me and one for Blair!), a mom-to-be ornament for 2010, a few other decorative items, clothes, shoes, baby clothes, baby shoes, the babies first snow babies collection, and last but not least is their first piece of jewelry.

This has become kind of a tradition in our family for all the girls to have this jewelry.  My daddy went and picked this out after thanksgiving and that really means a lot to me!  I cannot wait to put this on their little wrists.  They are from DP Jewelers and everyone wears this jewelry.  Here are their two little bracelets.  They will take the links out so they fit their little wrists, then as they grow older, they add links as they grow!   Blair also ordered (for my mom because she didn't know their names) their initial to attach to each bracelet!  Ha...this will be their 'identification' tag so we won't mix them up! hahaha

Once we opened gifts at mom's, we went to Blair's dads to open gifts there.  Once again, we are blessed beyond measure!  We got our car seats from them!  They are Chicco and I absolutely LOVE them!!  We also got a few other small gifts and gift cards to Outback!

Once we opened gifts, we finally got to take a MUCH needed nap!!!  We then ate supper there and it was very yummy!

Now, on to our last stop of the night was Blair's Mema's...I cannot pick our 'favorite' gift of the day, but Mema gave us two very SPECIAL gifts, which we hope to treasure FOREVER!  Mema gave us two audio books for the twins of her reading the books.  This melted my heart.  Mema is 93 years old and we don't know how long she will be here with us.  The twins will hold a very special place in her heart and I am soooo glad to have these books to show to the girls many years to come, even when Mema might not be with us any longer.  I hope this day is VERY far off, but we all know our days are numbered.

And the last picture on this post is of our 'chidren' fighting!  Santa brought these angels their own toys...can they play with their own?  NO...they have to fight over ONE toy...Children these days....

Well, that sums our Christmas up.  Blair and I are so blessed to have such wonderful families.  I don't know what we would do without them, and I am sure that will become more obvious in the months to come.  We are truly blessed beyond measure.  There is no way we could ever repay them for all they do for us, but I hope that the little girls about to invade their lives will be a start! :)

The love from our parents remind us of the love from our Saviour.  He blesses us beyond measure and definitely beyond what we deserve.  All he wants in return is our whole heart, to trust in him and to live through him.  It sounds so easy, why do we fail him so?  BUT...he is so forgiving and so accepting of us, just as we are.  This is the true meaning of Christmas.  Without Him, what would we have?

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