Tuesday, February 1, 2011

33 Weeks and MIS-ER-A-BLE!!!!!

OK.  So, this post is completely for MY recolection and laughter in the years to come.  If you have had a child (or twins) you are going to laugh and let me know that I have NO IDEA what is coming for me.  Also, this is going to sound like complaining (and it might be!), and I know there are so many women who would give so much to be where I am today, so please forgive me ahead of time!  I really have a soft spot for women suffering from infertillity and I pray that one day, you will experience the pain I am experiencing (because this pain means babies!)  Now, on to my post...

It is 2:30 am on Monday morning, 1.31.11.  This post will last over a couple of days before being published, but insomnia, pain and flat out being miserable have prevented me from sleeping, so I am starting my post early...I have three main things to post about:  1. Babies, 2. Hospital Stay and 3. PAIN

First off, I cannot BELIEVE I am 33 weeks pregnant!!  When I first got pregnant, I thought this would be the LONGEST journey of my life!  Well, this journey is almost over and we are SOOOOO not ready!! :)  We had a doctors appointment on the 27th.  This was our monthly ultrasound.  The girls looked very healthy!  They were moving around, all their parts looked to be functioning good and they are estimated to weigh 4 lbs 5 oz each!!!!  Wow!!  That shocked me...seems they are going to be big girls!   As usual, they were being somewhat stubborn and not letting us get great shots of their profile and face, but we did see them a few times.  Their little faces appeared 'chubby' this week!!  Curry, the U/S technician (who is our favorite person ever!) also said they had a head full of hair!  She printed pictures of the hair, but she knows what she is looking at.  It is hard for us to see, so we just take her word on it!  She could tell us anything and we would believe it! :)

So, this leads to my second point.  On Tuesday, the 25th, I was in my classroom getting ready for the new semester and kept thinking how hot I was.  Assuming it was hormones, I ignored it and went on about my to-do list!  I had to go see Mrs. Debby in the office and she mentioned to me that my face was really red.  I replied that I was really hot and it must be the hormones.  She asked me if I kept an eye on my blood pressure because her BP was up and made her just like me.  Well, this got me very curious, so when I got home, I cheked my BP.  It was 153/93!!!!  I was shocked!  Everytime I have checked it previous and at the Dr. office, it was fine.  I got in the recliner and rested all afternoon and the lowest it got was 130 something/ 188.  I tried not to think about it too much and went to sleep.  I had school the next day and made sure I drank LOTS of water and stay off my feet.  I felt great all day and really didn't think much about my BP.  When I got home, I was curious, so I checked it again and it was 156/96!!!!  Ok, now I am worried.  I stayed again all afternoon in the recliner and it never went down.  I talked to Renae a few times and at 8, she told me to check it and to lay on my left side.  I remember the bottom # was 98 and I started to get a little panicky, but went and laid on my left side.  Blair had gone to church and when he got home at 9 I told him to come check it.  In 45 minutes of laying on my left side, it was 124/67!  Ok, now I was a little relieved!  I was affraid it would keep going up and not come down!  So, I layed on my side all night (which leads to my pain for point 3) and went to work the next day.  I had my doctors appointment at 2.  I had my U/S first and had talked with the tech earlier and told her what was going on, so she had informed the doctors and nurses ahead of time.  After seeing the babies and how healthy and growing they were, we went to do my vitals.  I was affraid what that would show.  My BP was 150something/80something...Good news was NO PROTEIN in my urine, no swelling, no symptoms, etc.  The ONLY issue were those numbers.  Well, the doctor thought it was enough of an issue to want to monitor me a little closer, so he sent me over to the hospital!!  YIKES!!!  He wanted to do a 24 hour urine test as well as a whole panel of bloodwork to check my enzyme levels, etc.  New Bern was great!  Within 5 minutes (LITERALLY) of being at the hospital, I was in a room, changing into a hospital gown.  I got layed down and she immediately came and took my BP.  Wouldn't you know it was perfect!  Two times it went a little high (140's /80's ) and both times I had been laying on my back.  Other than that, it stayed in the perfect range.  They also put the fetal monitors on the babies during the day and everything looked great with them.  It was a challenge because they are still active enough that they couldn't keep them (mainly Baby B, Vivi) on the monitors.  It took 2 hours to get about 15 minutes of readings!  So, all in all, the hospital stay just confirmed that everything looks great, except those numbers creep up from time to time.  I had strict orders to go home and not do anything all weekend (basically, bed rest) and to come back Monday morning at 9 for them to check me and give me the results of my 24 hour urine test.  Once we do this, they will let me know what to do from here on out.  Working (1/2 days) is not completely out of the picture, but is a possibility!

Now, on to point 3...PAIN!!!  This is where mothers who have been there/done that are probably going to laugh at me!  I have had such a smooth pregnancy but it is amazing what 1-2 weeks will change.  I have become very miserable and in lots of pain.  Now, I have never had to endure much pain in my lifetime, so I am not sure if I can tolerate pain or not...but, all I know is that the pain in my pelvic bone is enough to take my breath away and has brought me to tears several times.  The pain is only there after laying on my side for any length of time.  GREAT...this is what I am supposed to be doing...laying on my side.  I knew that all along throughout the pregnancy and it was fine because I love laying on my side.  But lately, I have been in some pain when trying to get up, that I was laying on my back.  I did prop myself way up and put my body pillow under my knees so I wasn't flat on my back, but still, I was on my back.  If I stayed this way all night, I could get up with no problems in the morning.  Now, I wonder, is this what made my BP go up???  Anyway, since the BP issue, I have not layed on my back, but mainly on my left side.  I can literally lay there 15 minutes and can already feel the pain.  My left leg starts to go numb and if I move my hip area at all, there is this stabbing pain in my pelvic bone.  Everyone says I just have to deal with it, that the ligaments are stretching and that causes lots of pressure.  The other theory is there is just a lot of pressure from 2 babies pressing down on my pelvic bone.  All of this sounds great, if it was just pressure.  The pressure I can deal with.  It is the sensation that the bone is going to break, or pop out of socket if I budge, that I cannot deal with.  It literally brings me to tears to get out of bed (which just so happens multiple times a night to go to the restroom!!!).  Now, being on bed rest for the weekend has just made things more miserable.  I thought I was and expert at laying around, but now, I am not so sure.  I really feel bad for women who have had to do it for days or weeks on end.  I really hope the doctor doesn't put me on complete bed rest tomorrow when we discuss what to do!

Ok, now that you mothers are laughing at me because I am sure it will only get worse before it gets better, I am going to call it a night.  I know it sounds like complaining and I know that labor/C-section is going to be MUCH MUCH worse, but that doesn't make the pain I have right now go away.  I am sure I will not remember it once it is all over, but for now, it sucks!

Also, I know there might be someone read this blog that would LOVE to experience the pain I am describing just so they can have a child, and I really wish and pray for you that one day you can experience the pain that comes along with such a miracle.

NO PAIN, NO GAIN...well, I sure can't wait to gain 2 heatlhy baby girls from this experience!  I thank GOD every day for allowing me to go through all of this and I cannot wait to meet these little miracles.

I started this post at 2:30 and it is now 4:17 am...I am going to try and tackle the bed thing again.  I need sleep and I need to get out of the recliner and back on my left side!!!

I will update this again tomorrow after my doctors appointment!!

Ok.  So, we went to the doctor at 9 am on Monday, 1.31.10.  My BP was 110/90.  The doctor said that it would be in my best interest to not return to work :(. I need to avoid all stress in my life! ha!  He didn't place me on complete bed rest, but I need several naps a day, I can go to the grocery store if I need to, but not to go to Raleigh shopping for the weekend.  I can fix my own lunch and dinner, but not to host a huge dinner party, etc.  This is good news!  I can't imagine having to be on complete bed rest.  I was on pretty strict bed rest for the weekend and was already miserable!  I am so glad and I do things around the house, just very small things and lay around a lot!

POSITIVE NOTE:  Throughout this pregnancy, the doctor has said we must make it into February!  WE DID IT!!!  We made it to 33 weeks and will hopefully continue to make it to at least 36 weeks!

Thank you Lord for all you have blessed me with!  Have a blessed day!  I have plenty more to update on, but this read is long enough! :)


Andrea said...

Your story did make me laugh and remember what it felt like being there. Although, I was not carrying twins, I do know the pain you are talking about. Sadly, it will only go away after you have the babies. The heartburn, pressure, etc will all go away as soon as you have those girls.
Try to follow the doctor's orders. I know it's tempting to do things, but you really need your rest, and those girls need you to rest.
You WILL forget all about this when you have them. I promise!
I actually forgot...until I read your post and now I remember again. haha

Good luck in the weeks to come. I will keep you, Blair and those two precious girls in my prayers.


leah said...

Bless your heart, Kari. I know they'll be worth the wait (and the pain too). ;) Hope the next few weeks go by smoothly, and that their grand debut is all you've hoped for, and more! I know it will be. :)