Monday, April 4, 2011

I am...

I am: sitting here with Vivian on my chest and it feels pretty sweet!

I know: that God loves me.

I have: two precious baby girls.

I hate: that my C-Section recovery was terrible, but it is getting much better!

I miss: care-free, fun, younger moments...
I feel: more blessed than anyone else!

I hear: a baby breathing.

I think: I have the most wonderful family anyone could ask for.

I smell: a dirty diaper, I think!

I love: the way my life has worked out!

I try: to make everyone happy.

I might: take the girls to Musashi tonight for the first time outisde of the womb!

I wonder: am I living as God wants me to live?
I do not: excercise enough...

I care: about what others think.
I always: tell my parents I love them before leaving them.
I never: thought I could be so lucky...

I would never: sky dive, even though it is probably pretty amazing!

I listen: to my husband.
I am scared: of pain and suffering.
I need: enough money that I don't have to work!

I can: still pitch a softball pretty good!
I wish: that there would be no suffering in the world.
I find: that I feel much better when my house is clean!
I forget: way too much...
I treasure: sweet moments with family.

I believe: Jesus died for our sins and anyone can accept him as their savior.
I sing: horribly...I dont even want to sing to the girls infront of anyone.

I write: too little.

I lose: weight easily after having a baby!  I guess the breast feeding really does pay off!

I win: at having the cutest twin girls in the world!
I am happy about: a lot more these last few days than the last few weeks since my surgery...Hormones are no fun, along with pain and being overwhelmed with healing and babies!

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