Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Three Months!

Where is time going???  I cannot believe our little girls are 3 months old!  They were just born, it feels like!!  Actually, sometimes it seems like an eternity ago.  What was life like before the girls?!?!!!??  Less hectic, less demanding, less 'stuff' in the house, but SOOOOOOO much better now that they are here!

Who knew we could love some one so good?

Anyway, we don't go back for a well visit until 4 months, but we think they weigh about 11 1/2 lbs!  They are really starting to fill out.  On Saturday, the 14th we gave them cereal the first time and they slept sooo much better!!!  We also put them in their cribs that same night.  We put them in their boppy's in the crib and they sleep much better like that.  I know it is probably dangerous, but they just hate to sleep laying flat.  I think we will try to take the boppy's out soon and see how they do on their backs.

This past month has been a whirlwind. I keep them everyday by myself, then my mom comes afterwork and helps out until Blair gets home.  The past 2 weeks have been a lot different.  I feel like we have turned the corner!!!  They are little angels during the day.  We get up around 6-7 and feed, then usually take another nap until 10ish.  We then get up and eat again and play a little while.  When we play, we read books, play with toys, sit in our boppy's and watch TV, play on our play mat, etc.  We then go back to sleep and get up and eat around 1ish.  We repeat this process all day, every day!!

They are still not reaching for things like I 'thought' they would be.  I dont know when they are 'supposed' to start reaching for toys and things, but they are not yet.  I do think it will be soon though!

We put them in their bumbo for the first time on mother's day and they really do like it!!  Vivi did better than Maddox in the beginning and I think it was because Vivi's head is a little smaller and easier to hold up! ha!

As seen in the 2 pictures above, Bella is really starting to like her sisters.  I have to keep an eye on her or she will lick them to death! :)

We are now taking baths in the big bath tub!

They smile a lot!  They are the cutest little things when you talk to them and they try to talk back and smile really big!  Completely melts everyone's heart!  They are the funniest when laying on their changing table like this picture!

We went to two softball games and did pretty well!

We had their dedication service, which I will do a whole post on, but this is Maddox getting ready for the service...(yes, I still had on my PJ's!)

We are so in love with these little girls.  I don't remember what life was like without them, and I cannot imagine only having one child (I don't know how hard it really is! ha!).  God has blessed us so much and we are the luckiest people on the Earth.  Thank you Lord for your gift and your blessings!

(I started this post on the 25th, and am just now finishing it on the 31st! ha!)  Blogger is so slow, I dont know how people post and posts pictures every day...

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