Monday, August 1, 2011


The 4th of July is my favorite holiday for several reasons:
  • Its in the summer
  • We spend the time around the 4th at the Banks!
  • It is the day before my BIRTHDAY, so I get fireworks for my birthday! ha!
Christmas does come in at a close second, though!

Anyway, things were a little different this year!  We still decided to go over to the banks, even with 4 month old twins!!  Many called us crazy, but this is a tradition we LOVE and wanted to start them early.  I will have to say that the trip went well.

We left our house at 6 on Saturday morning.  I had to wake the girls up early and feed them and put them right in their car seats in their PJ's and headed out.  They stayed asleep until we got to the ferry.  We decided for mom and I to ride the ferry with the 2 trucks and the girls because it was just easier with them.  They did very well on the ferry ride over.  We had Ethan to play with on the ferry ride over!

One of 2 trucks!

First time on a ferry!
Mom, me and the girls!
First time feeding at the banks!
We docked and drove the truck to our cabin and started unpacking.  It was a beautiful morning!  Not long after we got there, it was time for the girls to eat.  I am so glad I decided to keep breastfeeding because this was a special moment for us.  Sitting on the porch of the cabin where I LOVE to be, doing something that only I can do for my children.  I know it may sound weird to some, but it is something I feel strongly about and I am so glad I chose to breastfeed, and have stuck with it.  I originally said I would stop before the 4th of July because I thought bottles would be easier, but as it turns out, it is easier to breastfeed, usually.  Now, there are times where it is inconvenient and those times, we give them bottles.  Ok, back to the vacation!

Beach babies!

part of the crew
We got all unpacked and headed down to the beach.  Again, it was a perfect day!  We fixed up our own little slice of heaven on the beach and camped out there all day.  We then went back and fixed supper, got baths, put the girls to bed, then went back out on the beach.  I LOVE cool beach nights at the banks.  No words can explain it.

The girls slept in a pack-n-play and they did very well and slept all night!  The next morning, we had breakfast and headed back to the beach.  This day was not as nice.  The wind was blowing too hard to enjoy the beach and the girls started to get sand blasted (we all were) so I took them back to the cabin and gave them a bath and we hung out there.   We had supper, put the girls down and then rode to the cape!  Blair and I were in the cab of the truck and Kacyn, Juanita, Jayme, Rylan, Ashley and Farrah were in the back.  The tide was really high and a lot of the beach was blocked off for wildlife, so we had to ride the back road the whole way.  This is fine except for it is a lot more bumpy!  Refer back to my breastfeeding statement earlier:  This was a time when it was not as nice.  I guess all the bumps in the roads stimulated something, but by the time we got to the cape, I was about to explode and my pump was in the cabin, 13 miles away.  Luckily, someone had a pillow that I just heald on my chest the whole ride back, but it was still pretty painful! ha!

That is some gooooood sleeping!

Good morning from Heaven on Earth!

The girls did really well this night too!  I think they are true 'bankers'! ha!

We had to pack up and head home this next day.  We couldn't spend any time on the beach this day either because it was still blowing too hard.  It is like a double edged sword.  You want it blowing to keep it cool and keep the bugs away, but if it blows too hard, you get sand blasted on the beach!

We came back on the 4th of July and went to front street (Blair's grandma's) to watch the fireworks.  The girls couldn't have cared less about them.  They didn't really notice anything!  I am sure they will enjoy the fireworks a lot more next year.

Here are a few pics from the weekend.

Macon came for a visit!

The girls even got their toe nails painted for the first time!

Granny, Grandaddy and the girls.  Vivi just wasn't having it here!

Farrah, Blair, myself, Ashley and Rylan

The whole crew!

Mommy's sweet girls!
The roar of the ferry engine kept them very calm!
Maybe they want to be boat captains!?!

Our little family!
I am so glad we chose to start this tradition early.  Some people think we were crazy for going, but they did so well and God willing, we will do it every year.

Yes, I know this is several weeks late...

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