Monday, September 5, 2011

1/2 a YEAR!!!

Does two halves equal a whole?  Because we just had two HALF birthdays!!  How crazy is that????

I cannot comprehend how my sweet babies are already 6 months old.  I can't really even believe I have already been pregnant!  Time has FLOWN by!  It has been a year since we found out we were having twins!  I never knew how much fun it would be!

So, what are the girls up to these days?

  • They are wearing size 1 diapers.  We are almost out of size 1's so I am thinking we will go ahead and move to size 2's but we will see! They seem HUGE on them right now!
  • They are still wearing mostly 3-6 month clothes.  Some 3 months still fit great!  Most 6 month clothing is still too big.  I hate it that we are not wearing some clothes yet because they are still too big, yet they are summer clothes!  I guess we will have to be creative and see how we can wear them in the fall!
  • They are wearing size 1 shoes, but they are getting tight!  It took us forever to finally fit in shoes, now our foot is growing faster than anything else!
  • I am still breastfeeding and we have also started solids and are offering those 3 times a day.  They have eaten the following:  cereal, sweet potatoes, potatoes, prunes, apples, pears, peaches, squash, carrots, peas, green beans, bananas, turkey and homemade oatmeal.  They LOVED everything until they ate green peas, green beans, turkey and oatmeal!  They GAGGED, eyes watering and all, on those.  Not sure if it is taste or texture!?
  • Vivi is a rolling machine, yet Maddox has only rolled twice, both times for Granny.  I have not witnessed it, yet!
  • Neither of them are really sitting up yet.  If we prop them just right, they can sit for a few seconds, but then fall over!  We really don't practice it like we should!  They will sit in due time!  I don't want to rush them!  They will be driving before we know it anyway!
  • They talk like crazy, LOVE to play with their toys, laugh so cute and give the best kisses in the world!!
Our Stats:

Maddox:  14lbs, 2 oz, 24 inches long, 20th %
Vivi:  13lbs 12 oz, 24 1/4 inches long 10th %

We had our 6 month appointment on August 26th, on our way out of town to Chapel Hill for Aunt KayKay's graduation from Nuclear Medicine Technology School (and she just passed her boards on Thursday!!!! Yay!)!  We just happen to be traveling with half of Carteret County because Hurricane Irene was coming on shore late that night!  So, we avoided the girls first hurricane (even thought the bands of the hurricane made it all the way to Chapel Hill, so we still had yucky weather!).

Speaking of traveling, they are GREAT travelers!  We have been to Greenville (shopping!) and Chapel Hill and did GREAT!  Thank GOD for DVD players!  They keep them very entertained!!  We were able to go all the way to Chapel Hill with only one stop and that was for me to use the bathroom!  I sat in the back and just fed them in their car seats!  It was great!  However, I don't recommend doing that after getting 3 shots.  Vivi was fine, but Maddox's little legs were really bothering her when we got there.  I guess where she kept them pretty still for hours after having shots, they really hurt.  Every time we touched her legs, she would scream.  I felt so bad.  I also think they were running a little fever after these shots, but had forgotten the thermometer.  I had sat it out to put in the bag, and left it.  They never felt hot enough for me to be concerned, so we didn't go out and buy one, but they did feel warm several times.  But, I have to give it to them, they were real troopers!  The first night we stayed in a hotel in Chapel Hill and they went right to sleep and didn't make a sound!  The next night, Blair and I and the girls stayed at Blair's aunt Nancy's in Raleigh and Mom and Dad stayed at Kacyn's.  We left the girls with Jeanne and Nancy and went out shopping a little (Super Target!) and when we got home, the girls were upstairs in a pack-n-play fast asleep!  It did not bother them one bit to be in a strange place!  They slept sooo good!  We actually had to wake them the next morning!

We left Raleigh around 9 on Sunday morning and headed home to see what Hurricane Irene had left us.  Thankfully, Blair's dad had come on Saturday to start the generator to run the Refrigerator/Freezer.  We didn't have any damage, thank God.  We did have a window in our bedroom blow open, but Shelby and Matthew cleaned that up for us.  Also a huge tree limb fell on my mom's car in our yard, but it wasn't anything major.  She just needs a new trunk lid!  Unfortunately, we know many, many people who's homes were flooded in the Stacy/Sealevel/Atlantic area.  Please pray for them as they pick up the pieces.

We really have the best babies in the world.  God surely knew what he was doing when he gave us these sweet angels.  I thank GOD for them every second!  I can't imagine life without my sweet girls.  They are the best babies!  I think I have said this before on here, but I used to think they were fussy babies.  Looking back on things, they really were not. I think just because there were 2 babies, it seemed like someone was fussing all the time, but they were really good babies.  We had the typical gas issues and feeding issues, etc.  But no colic or any other major problems so we were (and still are) very blessed.

Our only other 'issue' is their stomachs dealing with this solid food.  We are having a hard time keeping them 'regulated' so we are having to use some Karo Syrup and/or Prune Juice.  FYI, the baby prune juice doesn't do anything.  If you really want some results (if you know what I mean), you need to use the adult form of prune juice, but a little goes a long way! ha!  At first I fed Maddox 3 oz.  Big mistake!  Granny about quit her job that day! hahaha!  So, Vivi needed some a few days later and I only gave her 1 oz and that was plenty!!  The things us mothers go through and have to 'figure' out! :)

Here we are on the first day of school for Mommy!

So, how have they adjusted to me being back at work?  GREAT!  Everything is working out perfectly, so far!  Now, I, on the other hand, am EXHAUSTED!  I guess I forgot how hard teaching was in the 7 months I was home!  I have never been so exhausted in the whole 8 months I carried twins, or the 6 months I was home with twins by myself.  But, the end of this week was better!  I didn't almost fall asleep on the way to my car, haha.  I guess I am getting used to the whole new routine (and I have great classes, so that helps!).  I get up around 5:40-6:00.  The girls are usually waking up at this time anyway, so we go get them and put them in the bed and start our feeding routine!  I nurse each one of them and they sometimes fall back asleep.  If they don't I just prop them on a pillow and turn the TV on while I get a shower.  They play or watch TV and then watch me get ready!  Jeanne or Granny comes between 7:15-7:30 and I am out the door.  They are usually laying on their play mat just playing/laughing when I leave!  When I get home, they are either playing or are just waking up from a nap.  It is so sweet how they just light up when I walk in.  Vivi just laughs or squeels when she sees me.  Maddox MUST be picked up immediately and kiss me and kiss me and kiss me!  One day, Jeanne was holding Maddox and I picked up Vivi and Maddox didn't think that was funny at all.  She stuck her bottom lip out and just cried and cried until I went and picked her up.  I know, melts my heart!  We then play, eat and sleep the rest of the afternoon until bath/bed time.

Here is our daily routine (usually!)

6-6:30 Wake up and Nurse
7-9 Play/Eat Fruit or Cereal around 8
9-10 Sleep (usually only 9-9:15, ha!)  We don't nap well during the day, usually!
10:30 Bottle/Nurse (6 oz now!)
11-1 Play/Eat Fruit or Veggie
1:30-2:30 Sleep (ha, usually only 30 min)
2:30 Bottle/Nurse
3-5:30 Play  (usually slips in a 20 min nap around 5:30)
6:00 Nurse
7:00 Supper
7:30-8:00 Bath's
8-8:30 Nurse and Bed time!

Can I also say, thank GOD for family!  I am so blessed to be able to leave my girls at home with family members.  Jeanne and Granny are really putting their lives on hold for me and my girls and for that, I am forever grateful!

So, that is where we are right now!  I am loving every second of being a mother. That is what I was meant to do.  Being a mother and raising these girls the RIGHT way is my purpose in life.  I just pray DAILY that I raise them the way God wants me to raise them. 

Thank you, Lord for this opportunity...

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