Saturday, September 24, 2011

Random thoughts...

I hate that I never update this blog like I want to.  I LOVE to read other blogs, but it always seems to take forever to upload pictures on this blog, so I just never take the time to do it.

So, this morning I am just going to write.  No pics.

My girls just ate oatmeal with prunes!  They are great eaters so far.  The only thing I have found they do not like is anything green!  No green beans or peas!  Also, they gag even worse on the baby food meat.  We have tried it twice and it was horrible!

They are now in their swings.  We haven't been using these much lately because they like to be in the floor playing.  But, it is really rainy here, so I just turned the tv on and put them in their swings and they are just playing fine!  I am hoping they will just fall asleep in their swings like they used to when they were itty bitty!

I cannot believe how big they are getting.  It is kind of sad to me to think how small they were!  I can hardly remember what life was like then.  Now, they want to be entertained all day!

We also don't have nappers!  They are good with a couple cat naps during the day and go to bed around 8.

Can I just say that I LOVE being a mom!  There is a lot of responsibility and there is ALWAYS something that has to be done.  I can never just sit back and relax with the peace of mind that I am caught up.  But, I LOVE every minute of it. 

What do I love about it?  The responsibility; those sweet faces light up when they see me; they only want me when they get really upset; having to be super organized (and life is crazy when I am not organized!); the thought that Blair and I made something so special!

These girls are getting to be so much fun!  They giggle a lot, they play very well with each other and even fight over toys!  They absolutely LOVE tv!

They are learning new stuff everyday and that just tickles me!

They have no teeth yet, but it seems like they have been teething since they were 3 months!  I am wondering if there are even any teeth up there!

Breastfeeding has been the hardest but most rewarding thing with the twins so far.  I feel like I think about it most of the day and stress about it.  It was very hard in the beginning.  It was very painful for a few months!  I questioned weather they got enough to eat every feeding.  I worried about what I ate affecting them.  When I pump, I never get enough milk for 2 babies.  I usually only get enough for 1 feeding, sometimes 1 and a half.  So, to keep my sanity, I was ok if they needed a bottle or needed formula.  I think I would have stopped BF'ing a long time ago if I hadn't supplemented.  I am sooooooooo glad that I chose to breastfeed.  I have no idea how much longer I will do it.  I have already been doing it longer than I ever expected.  I KNEW I would stop before going back to school.  But, now it is actually easier, so why stop?  It is healthy for everyone involved.  I might even take it all the way to a year!  Who knows!?!

The girls are now asleep in their swings.  They haven't been in their swings in a long time.  I have actually been thinking about packing them up, but decided to let them swing and watch tv on this rainy morning and they fell right to sleep and are sooo cute.  They used to lay in those swings for hours a day and sleep.  Seems like an eternity ago!

Did I have a life before the twins?  I can't remember! ha!

Lastly, before I go do something productive, I do want to say that these babies have been such a blessing that I can't wait to have another.  I know some people might think I am crazy, but I love it so much, I want to do it again!  I don't plan on getting pregnant again right away, of course, but in a few years, I would love to have another baby!  Blair might need some convincing, ha!  I always wanted 3 babies, so we will see what God has planned for us!

Whew, that was all completely random!!!

If you have read all of the above, do me one favor.  Sing Jesus Loves Me to yourself and see if it doesn't make you smile! :)

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