Friday, November 25, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving!!

We have soooo much to be thankful for!  When I sit back and analyze things...we have been the most blessed people ever.  Lets make a list.
1. A God that loves me for me and forgives all of my faults.
2. My 2 sweet girls.  Again, I must be the luckiest person on Earth.
3. My husband.  We have our moments, but I am so lucky that we found each other.
4. My family.  They help us so much and will always be there for us for anything we need.
5. Bella.  She is really our oldest child and is just as spoiled as the twins.
6. Health.  We have good health and the girls are too, thank God.
7. A church family.  We have had a rough year, but we are on the mend.
8. A job.  It is crazy at times, but I can't imagine not being a teacher.
9. Necessities.  We have more than what we need and we are so blessed.  I can't imagine not having somewhere to go today to eat Thanksgiving Dinner.  It breaks my heart to think about it.
10. Pain and heartache of the past.  What doesn't kill us, only makes us stronger.
11. Lastly, I am so thankful for my life and everything in it.  As 'bad' as this world is, I love my life and want to cherish every moment.

*I chose 11 things to be thankful for to represent 2011.*

So, today is Thanksgiving Day.  We woke up at our normal time and I fed the girls.  They still seemed a little sleepy

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Unknown said...


I found your blog through Kelly's Korner and was wondering if you still have any "v" or "vivi" monogrammed clothes to sell. My daughter's name is Vivianna but we call her Vivi :)