Wednesday, January 25, 2012

10 months!!!

Ok, I am kind of sad that my little girls will never be single-digit-months-old!!!  Where is time going?  I honestly CANNOT believe they are 10 months old!  This has DEFINITELY been the best 10 months of my life!!

Also, I am upset that I did not post the 9 has  down, we can get back to normal and get in a better routine. 

Even though it is insane sometimes, I absolutely LOVE my life and all of the flaws!  Yes, I want to be more organized, I want my house to be straightened up, my car to be spotless, my clothes to always be put up where they belong, all of my cabinets/refrigerator/closets to be in perfect order, but they aren't.  It drives me nuts, but that is life.  A messy house means lots of fun!

So, what has been happening with the girls lately?  A lot!!!!

They are about 17 1/2 lbs of PURE joy!  They are the funniest little girls EVER.  They are happy babies and are always able to just go-with-the-flow!  That is a blessing because I am NOT one that plans my life around their eating/napping schedule.  They eat whenever/whatever and sleep whenever/wherever!!  I am lucky that they can just roll with the punches!

They are morphing right before our eyes.  They grow a little each time we get them from their cribs in the morning!  They are learning so much.

Here is what they enjoy:
  • Reading
  • Eating (light rolls have become crack to them this weekend)
  • Playing with each other
  • Baby dolls
  • Crawling
  • Bella
  • Tux
  • Playing Peek-abo (they love to hide behind things and pop their head out and LAUGH)
  • Paper
  • Pulling things out of baskets
  • Computer...they go insane when they see a computer
  • Telephones, remotes, etc
  • Looking out the front door
Here is what they do NOT enjoy:
  • Having to sit still for a diaper/clothing change...It is a complete wrestling match
  • Hairbows/headbands...Vivi will wear one more than Maddox, but as soon as Maddox sees one on Vivi's head, she crawls over and pulls it off.
  • Glasses on someones face/head...Drives them nuts until they take them off!
  • Having to be fed...We have learned lately that they want to feed themselves, so we have to cute something up and let them eat, while we feed the mushy food!
  • Their head being covered while nursing...drives them NUTS
  • napping...sometimes they nap great, sometimes its 5 minutes and they are DONE!
  • Sharing things (toys, remotes, etc)...Maddox has become quite the screamer, so Vivi just gives in and gives whatever back to her!

This age is soooooo much fun!  They are all over the house!!  They know what 'NO' means, but that doesn't mean they follow that command! ha!  They have a TON of toys and usually like to play with mail, boxes, etc. ha!

We had a small run in with sickness!  We made it almost 10 months before this happened, so I am blessed!  Maddox ran a fever (which I attributed to teething) and Vivi came down with thrush.  Of course, Maddox got the thrush just hours later.  Maddox also had a bad cough/congestion a few days later.  Because of this, she couldn't sleep well.  So, one night we decided to put her in the bed with us.  She was fast asleep in her boppy pillow (to keep her elevated) and I walked to the kitchen to get some Tylenol.  I was almost back into the bedroom when I heard her hit the floor!!!  My sweet baby had crawled off the bed.  I was mortified.  I grabbed her and comforted her and she calmed down pretty quickly (with nursing, of course).  After she was much calmer, I undressed her and couldn't find ONE mark on her.  Poor baby.  So, we layed back down and she went back to sleep.  About an hour and half later, she woke up screaming harder than she has ever screamed and I could not calm her down.  I tried nursing, walking, paci, etc.  Nothing would stop her screaming.  So, my fear was that she was really hurt (one of my dresser drawers was slightly open and I was afraid she had hit the corner and had cracked a rib, or something!).  So, we called Jeanne and she came over to stay with Vivi and we took Maddox to the ER.  She calmed down once we got in the car.  So, they checked her out and said she looked fine and that her cough was upper respiratory and was not in her lungs, so she was good to go!  Whew...what excitement!!!  She slept the ENTIRE day the next day except from 1-2!!  So, of course I was afraid she had a concussion, but she woke up about 5:30 and acted fine and was fine the next day.  Breaks my heart to think about it.

So, now to the stats and we are done! ha!

During all that week, we made several doctors visits so they are both about 17 1/2 lbs.
They are still wearing size 2 diapers.
Size 2 shoes
Size 6-9 month clothing.
Maddox is standing on her own but Vivi is not.  She will stand if someone stands her, but she doesn't stand up on her own yet.
They are crawling like mad.
They are still HUGE Mama's girls.
Words:  Mama, Dadda, Yea (don't really say it in context, but they say it a lot!) and I really think Maddox is trying to say Bella...

Because I am so late, the 11 month post is coming soon!!  Maybe one day I will stay on top of things!!!!

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!

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