Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I just wanted to make a quick post about my life now versus a year ago.

A year ago this week, my mind/emotions were spinning!  I was home on modified bed rest, going to New Bern every other day to be monitored.  I was uncomfortable when lying on my side, which is what I had to do!  My house was clean.  Our bags were packed.  I was being waited on hand and foot.

A year ago tonight, I went to sleep, just Blair, Bella and I.  I didn't know what the next day would hold!

A year ago tomorrow, we headed off to a doctors appointment.  Of course, my BP was up.  I layed on my left side and it was low in 5 minutes.  The doctor just didn't like me being so far away from the hospital.  We had played a perfect game and he didn't want to mess things up in the last minutes.  So, off to the hospital we went.

So, one year ago tonight was my last night home without babies.  It seems like just last week, but it also seems like it happened 10 years ago!

I am soooo happy I now have these cute babies in their room, instead of my stomach.  Don't get me wrong, I loved being pregnant (until the very end), but they are so much fun and I just can't get enough of them (even though they were very *challenging* tonight and I was getting quite frustrated before supper...God, please help me with the fighting and squealing that physically HURTS my ears...)

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