Friday, March 30, 2012

SUYL-Moms of Multiples

So, I am linking up to Kelly's Korner Blog for the first time tonight!  Kelly is hosting a Show Us Your Life-Mom's of multiples link up!

I love to read her blog, and have never linked up, but this topic is my heart, so I wanted to share!

Blair and I dated for almost 8 years before getting married.  I have always wanted at least 3 children, but we waited 3 years to have children.  We decided in May of 2010 that we would have a baby.

*Here I am 4th of July, approximately 3 weeks pregnant, and clueless!!  I did go tubing that weekend and thankfully, the babies were ok!!

Long story short, we got pregnant on the first try!  I couldn't believe it was so easy!  My plan was to start trying then, in hopes that we would be pregnant and due around the next May(ish) so I could take the last few weeks of school off, then have the summer with the baby!  Well, it just so happened that we were pregnant and due on March 23rd.  I was so excited!!!

On August 24th, we got to have our first sonogram and were approximately 9 weeks pregnant.

**Let's go back a couple of weeks**

We found out on July 25th that we were pregnant.  Wow!  How amazing.  There was a little person (ha!) growing inside me!  Well, Blair's family has NOTHING but boys, so I just knew we would have another boy.  I remember laying there that night thinking of the baby boy that Blair and I had made! (hahaha!)

I did not want to tell anyone until we were at least 12 weeks pregnant.  Well, Blair's mom came up that next day (or so) and wanted to take us to Williamsburg to Busch Gardens!!  So, now what.  Do we tell her that we can't go?  Will she be suspicious of something!?  We were out on a date and Blair looked at me and said, 'Let's tell everyone, tonight!'  WOAH!  Panic mode set in!  I was so nervous.  How would we tell everyone?  What would they think?  

We went and bought diapers and bibs and made little gift bags on the way to everyone houses.  We went to Blair's mom's house first.  She was ecstatic!  We figured all the math and figured when my due date would be and how exciting it all was!

We left her house and went to Blair's dads house and told them the news!  Then, we went to my parents.  I couldn't decide who to let open the bag, so when we walked in, my sister was sitting there and it just seemed right to have her open the bag.  She had recently graduated from NC State, so my mom thought we had bought her a trip or something because she said 'NO WAY' and started crying!  I then let my parents see in the bag...

THE KICKER:  My dad's first words were...'YOU KNOW IT IS TWINS, RIGHT.'!!  Hahaha!  Blair got "mad" and told him to shut up! haha...

The next week, we went to Williamsburg.  The whole week, I was just on cloud 9.  I kept waiting every morning for the morning sickness to set in.  There were a couple times where I was a little queasy, but it was HOT!

OK, I am a little off track!

Anyway, on August 24th, we went for our first ultrasound.  Let me be honest.  I was preparing myself for the worst.  The chance of getting pregnant the first time with a perfect baby seems slim.  I was ready to hear that it was a false pregnancy, there was something wrong with the baby, etc.  I prayed for the best.  (Keep in mind, this is the day before school started...I was worried how I would start school the next day, if something was wrong...ha!)

We called my dad on the way to the doctor and he said, 'You better call me when the doctor tells you its twins.'...we all laughed and went on about our business.

Well, here I am, lying on the table having an U/S just praying that this child was ok.  When we heard the words that changed our lives, more than anything else ever has.  


HOLY CRAP!!!  This can't be real.  There are 2 babies growing inside me.  They have strong heart beats.  They are healthy.  All is well!

How can this be happening?  Nothing this exciting has ever happened to us! am I going to tell everyone?  No one is going to believe us. Let's just wait and surprise them with the ultrasound pictures.  Well, my mom calls the second we get back in the car.  Her first question:  'Was it twins'...hahaha!  I was speechless...I couldn't lie.  I replied with a YES!  Of course, she doesn't believe me.  Daddy doesn't believe us.  Jeanne doesn't believe us.  NO ONE believes us.

So, they all met us at home and we prove it to them with the U/S pics.  

AAAHHH!!  I just wanted to scream and run in circles!!  I am having TWINS!  I have always thought twins were fascinating.  I have never thought 'What if I ever have twins'.  I have never said I don't want twins, I just have never thought about having them...UNTIL NOW!!

So, 29 more weeks go by and we meet the most precious little girls in the world.

*Blair and I the night before my C-Section!

Maddox Corine (baby A) and Vivian Klaire (baby B) were born on Feb 25, 2011.  They are perfect in every way and we couldn't be happier.

So, I never was pregnant with that little boy, like I just KNEW prior to the sonogram!  God had WAY different plans for us!

My only complaint:  "Why didn't we do this sooner??"  Now, I can't wait for more children...Yes, I am insane.


Tracy said...

wow your little ones are soooo cute! look at those smiles!

we got preggo on our first try, too. my first is overdue by 3 days as of april 1st. not twins though, just one little lady

anyways, just wanted to say..great blog! i will be back

Cindy said...

Your girls are so adorable! Thanks for coming over to my blog so we could "meet". I will have to read your blog so I will know what mine will be up to next!