Thursday, May 3, 2012


So, here we are.  It is May 3rd, 2012.  How in the world is the Earth revolving around the sun so much faster these days?  Makes no sense to me.

I love the changes, yet I hate the changes.  I want time to stand still, yet I can't wait for the next stages of life.  I guess I cannot be pleased! :):)

Seriously, I am LOVING this mommy thing. It is definitely the hardest thing I have ever done, but when I see those smiles that just go over their whole bodies, giggles that come from the toes, sloppy wet kisses, and those big bear hugs from my girls, all is right with the world.  Why didn't we do this sooner?  When are we doing this again!?  (If Blair reads this, he will have a heart attack! ha!)

So, what are we up to these days?

Today, they have both decided they want to walk more than usual.  I thought once babies walked, they would realize they like it and would continue walking.  We have been walking now for quite some time, but only if we begged them or did some song and dance.

Vivi has been the better walker and could walk across the room, if she wanted to.  Maddox on the other hand would only walk if you were sitting on the floor, with your legs in a V, and put her at the end of your feet.  She would take about 5 steps and fall into your arms. 

She showed NO interest in walking!

She thought it was a grand thing when Vivi would walk!!  She clapped and laughed for her, but had no desire to do so herself!

Well, when I got home yesterday, Granny said Maddox had been walking all over the place!  It started like this:  The night before (Tuesday night) I had left our blanket outside too long, and the dew fell on it.  So, when I brought it in, I just spread it out on the floor to dry.  So, when they got up the next morning, they thought it was the most fun that the blanket (it is one of those waterproof ones that has fishes on it) was in the living room floor!  Maddox walked all over it that day, then ventured off and actually walked half way across the floor. 

Of course, when I got home, she wouldn't do it!

But, today, she was more confident and did a very good job walking.  She seemed so proud of herself.  Then, Vivi got in on the action so we were both just walking all over the place! ha!

Walking is still not their form of locomotion.  Crawling is much easier and faster!  But, they have been taking steps for over a month now.  Vivi's first steps were on March 21st and Maddox's first steps were March 25th.  Everyone tells me not to rush it, and I am not!  But it is a very exciting time!!!

Both girls have learned to hug this week and last week.  Maddox has become quite a good hugger.  Vivi will sometimes.  But Maddox actually squeezes and makes the grunting noise.  It totally makes my heart melt!!!  And, especially for mommy, those bear hugs are followed by pretty sloppy kisses!!  Makes Daddy mad that she won't do it to him! ;);) 

I am soaking this time up because I know soon enough they will turn to Daddy's girls, instead of Mommy's girls!!

The last week of April, first week of May, Maddox has become a cleaner and wipes everything down with any rag she can find…She also tries to help fold clothes!  She must get all this from Granny!

 Words As of May 3rd: 

Maddox:  Bella, Mommy, Daddy, Lordy (Loddy, Loddy, Loddy! is the funniest thing...I need to get it on video!), KayKay (said this quite a bit today), Da (we think this is for Pop), Yea (says a lot when pretending to talk on the phone!

Vivi:  Bella, Tuck (for Tux), Mommy, Daddy, Da (we think this is for Pop), Yea (she loves this word!)  You can ask her ANY question and she usually answers with a YEA! :)

Bella is still Maddox's favorite thing in the whole world!  She will try and hug and kiss her all day!  When she wakes up, Bella is her first words!!  Vivi, couldn't care less.

As of April 1st, I stopped breastfeeding.  It actually wasn't as hard (emotionally) as I thought it was going to be.  They transitioned VERY well.  Matter of fact, a few days later, Maddox was having a horrible night.  I couldn't get her to calm down for nothing, so I tried nursing her.  She didn't want it!  That kind of made me sad, but I am glad it is not something I had to break them from.  That would have broken my heart.

So, this turned into a long post, but I feel like I need to record things for my record and I find a blog is a great place to start!  I am sure only about 2 people will actually read this! ha!

So, to leave you with a picture!!!

Maddox being VERY lady like! ha!

Vivi's theory:  Anyone can ride the car the correct way!!!

We are blessed.


Patsy said...

I love your post and blogs! Yall are so blessed!

Beth Ann said...

I am an eastern NC girl to!!

Amy's Avenue Blog! said...

Hi! Here from Kelly's Korner! I am a fellow North Carolina mom. Your little ones are super adorable!!!! So glad you linked up!

Jacki said...

Hi I'm also from Eastern Carolina. I saw your pic and recognize the hospital's name. I'm from that town, wondering if you live in the same town as the hospital too? Your twins are beautiful!

Ashly said...

just stopping by from Kelly's Korner- checking out other NC blogs. Your little girls are PRECIOUS! Stop by our little corner of the world sometime. Blessings- Ashly

Crystal Renee said...

OOOH! You have twins and live on the East coast? Me too! Wilmington to be exact. Stopping in from Kelly's blog :)