Saturday, June 2, 2012

Leaving, on a jet plane...

So, Kacyn, as I type this is over Nevada!!  She is making her first trip to LA!!

Her best friend Sara Noe is getting married next weekend, so Kacyn went out a week early to DREAM of living in LA, stalk some stars and get some much needed R and R with her BFF! :)

Here is Auntie Sarah with the girls the day before she left for LA

Here is a picture I grabbed while tracking KayKay's flight!
Kacyn's friend Brittney has recently moved to Texas and was upset she didn't stop by! haha

The girls got to eat lunch with KayKay before she left!  She is sure going to miss them!!  (who cares about me anymore, now that the girls are here! haha)

Have fun Aunt KayKay!  Can't wait to see pics of CA!!

Also, good luck Sarah!!  I know you are going to be a beautiful bride and I sooo wish we could be there for your big day!  Love ya!

**Just got word from Kacyn and she is there!  Her first comments:  there are sooo many lights and sooo many people! haha***

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Melissa's Thoughts said...

I found you through Kelly's Korner and so excited to see a home town girl. I actually live in TN now, but I'm from Morehead. Your girls are beautiful.