Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Pictures 2012

So, today we took some of our Christmas pictures.  It has been a crazy week/weekend, and I was not prepared, so I did not have our other outfits I wanted pics in.  We also did not get to the location I wanted, so we *might* have another session!

I tell is EXHAUSTING!!  The getting ready in itself is enough to finish me off...then the actual pictures and wrestling two ALMOST 2 year olds just does me in...

It is fun, none the less!

Here are a couple of pics I have edited so far!  Thanks aunt KayKay for taking these!!

Now...on to the Christmas card...I know.  We are on the ball.  It might have something to do with Blair working 6 weekends in a row, then the first weekend we had a chance, it was blowing, raining and freezing!!  Last weekend he worked, so here we are!

Oh well.  Better late than never!

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