Wednesday, July 17, 2013

{microwave corn}

corn.  summer corn.  its delicious!! 

lets face it.  who wants to set in the kitchen and shuck corn for what seems like forever?  my girls, especially vivi, LOVE corn.  i, KARI, hate shucking it...

so, pinterest called my name. 

i had heard about microwave corn and that it is miraculous!!  well, i love miracles...i live one every day, right!?

so, i found many pins where you could microwave corn and if done right, the corn would fall right out, leaving the husks and 'hair' behind!  i was sold.

here is my story of microwave corn tonight.

i put 4 ears on a wet paper towl.  see below.
second step:  cover corn with another wet paper towel.  see below.

microwave for 5 minutes.  turn corn over.  microwave for another 5 minutes.
remove corn.  see below.

then comes the tricky part.  what i expected was the angels to sing from the heavens and as soon as i cut the end off, the corn was supposed to pop right out, clean as ever.
i was wrong.  see below.

overview:  the corn WAS much easier to 'clean'...however, i must have done something wrong.  the corn did not 'fall' out of the husk as all the pins said on pinterest.  granted, it did fall apart easier, but it was hard to get ALL the hairs off because it was so hot!  they did not pull off as expected.
will i cook corn this way again?  sure!  it WAS much easier and faster...just don't expect it to be as life changing as my cutie pies below! :):)  lets face it.  they were/are pretty life changing...and who knew life could be so grand!!???

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