Thursday, July 18, 2013

to da banks

many, many years ago, my ancestors (well, all of down east's ancestors) would visit and even inhabit a little strip of the north carolina barrier islands called 'south core banks'.  there were fishing camps and houses over there.  it was a way of life for many.  many would travel over there on the weekends and spend from friday afternoon to sunday afternoon at their little getaway. 

This is an over head shot of the tiny strip of barrier island we call heaven...
over time, the sands have shifted.  the camps have been torn down.  the park service now owns the island and the cabins.  unfortunately, regulations have changed how the locals use the islands.  and actually, many of the locals have closed that chapter of their story and rarely visit such sacred ground.

thankfully, our family still 'momicks' ourselves and take a 'vacation' there every year. 

now, don't get me wrong.  this is no elaborate, fancy vacation.  you have to take everything but the kitchen sink, stove, toilet and shower with you (literally).  granted, we could 'rough it' and use lanterns as light, have no fans, etc.  we don't rough it.
**we stayed in cabin 10 this year**

here are a few things we carry:

generator, fans, window unit a/c, towels, sheets, pillows, clothes, food (way too much of it), drinks, beach toys, tents, umbrellas, chairs, etc.

to see the truck going on the ferry is almost embarrassing.  one more item would sink the ferry.  no lie.
**this is just the beginning of my packing...**

**here is the truck either last year, or the year before...this doesn't really show how much we have, but will give you an idea! **
we pack for days, sweat, fight and argue.  but the moment we step on that sand takes my breath away.  literally.  there is just something so serene about being one of only a hand full of people on miles and miles of beach.  i feel like we step back in time and the world stops around us.

**morning coffee on the pizer...I think so!**

when spending some time with nature, as we do at the banks, evidence of God shines through tremendously.  how can anyone question God when:
1. who makes the sun rise in the east and set in the west, EVERY time?
2. who's idea was it for sea oats to perfectly hold sand in place with their roots, yet bend enough with the wind that they do not snap easily?
3. millions of shells...where do they come from?
4. grains of sand....
5. ghost crabs to only come out at night
6. billion stars twinkling
7. waves crash, and go back to sea, instead of continuing their trek on land

**these examples are not even a drop in the bucket**

so, tell me.  how can anyone question the perfection?

speaking of perfection...those two little girls above are the prime example.

here are just a few more pictures of the billion thousands I took...

anyone ready to take the voyage to Heaven on Earth?  we certainly can't wait till next year!!
fyi:  the title is a phrase I have heard hundreds of times since we got home!  mommy, can we go 'to da banks' or 'can we go to da cabin'....I think my girls are hooked and are true SALTY GIRLS!!!

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