Tuesday, July 30, 2013

{ Toddler Activity }

Let's be honest here...we have all NEEDED 20 minutes without our kids under our feet, right?  Please don't tell me my kids are the only ones who MUST.BE.UNDER.MY.FEET. at all times!?!  Yes, I love it...But there are times when I just need to get dinner on the table...
Now, before you think I am trying to throw a pity party, I should tell you that I RARELY have to fix dinner with the girls by myself.  I am one lucky girl.  Our house is constantly full of family, which in turn means full of love!!  We have some pretty special girls here...
Ok, back to my post.  So, I was fixing dinner the other day (or trying to) and the girls wanted to do everything I was doing.  I needed them to go play, but they insisted on helping me.  So, I remember seeing some fun activities on pintrest the other day and decided to give it a try!!!  IT WAS MARVELOUS!!!!
I have attached lots of pictures below...easy peasy.
uncooked spaghetti
1. Make a ball of the play-doh. 
2. Stick spaghetti noodles (how ever many you desire) in the play-doh
3. Lay out a pile of cheerios
The girls very quickly learned the cheerios would slide onto the noodles...THEY.HAD.A.BLAST!!

A few 'games' you can play with this to make it more mentally stimulating:

  • Count the cheerios
  • Stack by numbers (10, 100)
  • Could use fruit loops and sort by color

Told you it was easy.  Now, go try it with your kids!

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