Wednesday, July 10, 2013


So, I officially have the funniest children in the world.  Don't you agree?  ha.

These girls are growing up way too fast and it kinda makes me sad.  I love who they are becoming and being able to do new stuff with them daily, but I also miss those 10 lb babies cooing!

Anyway,  I want to document some of the funny stuff they do, which could take years.

  • They LOVE LOVE LOVE baby dolls.  This is the main thing they play with.  Feed them, comfort them when they 'kyin', put them in their trucks and drive them around, push them in the strollers, wrap them in blankets, occasionally change a diaper and don't forget the 'powderrr'...
  • Actually, their most favorite thing on the planet is Mickey.  They would totally choose Mickey over their parents.  They are obsessed and I am worried about them needing therapy.  Seriously.  They want to watch Mickey EVERY.WAKING.MINUTE...The second the hot dog dance comes on (they know this is the end of the show) they bring the remote and ask for 'Noder Mikey'...and WILL.NOT.TAKE.NO.FOR.AN.ANSWER.....Its bad, folks.  We should really do something.  (Maybe a trip to Disney and they actually SEE a real live Mickey would cure them...they would be terrified!!! hahaha)
  • They are so funny and love each other so much, but have very different personalities.  Maddox is the more loving (usually), people pleaser.  If Vivi does something to hurt Maddox, and I am trying to get Vivi to apologize to Maddox, Maddox is always the one saying 'I sorry sissy'...or, if I do something to hurt Maddox (scratch her with my nail, for example) and I say "OH NO!", she is very quick to apologize to ME...hahaha.
  • Vivi, on the other hand, I think is going to be the strong willed child.  IF she is in trouble, she WILL NOT APOLOGIZE.  She will cry for hours, instead of simply  saying 'I Sorry'...
  • They are TERRIFIED of the vacuum cleaner!!  Yesterday, Vivi spilled some chips on the floor.  So, when I was cleaning them up, I said...This is too much. I need to Vacuum.  She inhaled really deeply and RAN to the couch saying 'I scared, I scared'...haha.  But, I had no choice.  So, I got the Vacuum out and when Maddox saw it, she RAN to the chair and sat really still! haha.   Once I finish and turn it off, they breathe a sigh of relief and say 'All DONE'...but they will not MOVE until it is put away! haha.
  • Vivi is very independent.  She wants to do everything herself and will say "I doodit" over and over...back to the strong is easier to LET HER DOODIT! haha.
  • Yesterday, I heard Vivi say 'Come here Sissy!  Let's have story time!'  So, I went in their bedroom and they were sitting on their bean bags and Vivi was 'reading' Maddox a book.  SWEET!
  • This morning, I was trying to do something on the computer before we left to go see Granny, and Vivi kept wanting to play with the computer.  After the 10th time telling her no, I told her if she touched it again, I was going to spank her hand.  Of course, she touched it.  So, I spanked her hand.  She looked at me in a very serious voice and said 'Go Away, Momma!'...I was floored.  Yep folks, we are going to have our hands full with this one.

Well, this is all for now.  There are 3 million more things to write about, so I will have to make another post on that one.

Anyone laughing?

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Ginny @ Buttergirl Diaries said...

I love twins. No, I'm fascinated by them. I watched a show one time where twins were separated from birth and didn't know they had a twin, then in later life the met up and they were STILL EXACTLY THE SAME. Same likes, quirks, food aversions, etc. It was so interesting. It made be believe that its truly nature over nurture with twins. That they truly are identical and even being separated wont take that away! I want twins but I am SURE they are so much work! :)