Saturday, August 10, 2013

I know WE have done SOMETHING right...

So, my girls are hilarious.  I have been writing things down here and there and on facebook, the blog, etc.  I found the cutest cow print notebook today at Ross, so I decided it was time to start an actual hand written notebook that I can keep right at my fingertips to record those HILARIOUS moments that happen so often!

My first entry is so sweet.  I wanted to share it.  Here it is, typed out exactly as written:

**Took place on Aug 7, 2013**


I woke up feeling defeated.  The living room was a wreck.  The sink was full of dirty dishes.  There were pantry groceries waiting to be put up.  A load of clothes in the washer.  A load in the dryer.  2+ loads sitting in front of the washer waiting their turn.  The girls table was sitting in the kitchen with newspaper and dried paint and paintbrushes from the night before.

I was tired (went to bed super late! :(  )  The girls were fighting.  They wanted to paint-NOT eat breakfast.  I was ill (see above!).  I insisted they eat breakfast BEFORE they paint.  I fix oatmeal-this was the easiest. 

I sit it on their table and have them sit.  They were 'blowing' it because it was hot.  I am unloading the dishwasher and washing dishes (yes, at the same time).  The girls are talking behind me and something caught my attention.  They had been asking to say the blessing!!!!!

I was caught up in getting the kitchen where it wasn't so embarrassingly messy-and had forgotten to say the blessing!

When I turned around-my heart SWELLED triple and I wanted to sit right down and cry.

My sweet, innocent two year olds were holding hands across their itty bitty table.  They had their eyes squinted (very hard-face all wrinkled) and were about half way through the blessing.  They said the WHOLE thing and didn't miss a word!  This is the first time I have heard them say it completely!!  I stopped (breathing) and waited, so proud, for them to finish.  They opened those big blue eyes and looked at each other and smiled really big!  It was obvious how proud they were of themselves!

Then, they saw me looking at them (tears in eyes) and yelled 'MOMMY, WE SAID THE BLESSING!!' 

I hugged them and told them how proud I was of them and how proud Jesus was!!

Suddenly-the mess in the kitchen seemed so small...

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monica dempsey said...

Thats so precious Kari! I can relate to you on so many levels when it comes to this post.. kids are amazing creatures sometimes blessings in disguise...their pure innocence, honesty, and personalities give me such a fulfilled feeling inside. i might not have much but with these kiddos i have all i need <3 Ur such great parents..keep up the good work!