Friday, August 2, 2013

July Cara Box Exchange

I am really enjoying this Cara Box Exchange program!  Thanks to Wifessionals, this is a great little program that really gets us to know people we would NEVER meet!

This month, I exchanged with Amy and Tanya.  Head over to Tanya's blog to see what I sent her!

The theme of this month was perfect!!  It was a nautical theme.  Well, hello...I have salt water running through my veins...Of course I can do a nautical theme!!

I LOVE opening mail for ME!!!  It is so exciting when I first cut open that package!  I could tell by the pink stripes, I was going to LOVE my box! :)  Cause, you life IS PINK!

Now, I see NAVY and BIRDS...YEP..definitely in love!!
Here is my goodies!  I love the scarf.  I am always looking for one that is trendy, but light.  It is hard to find ones I love, but I absolutely LOVE this one!  I know the ladies at school are going to be JEALOUS! :):)
And, who can't use an adorable notebook!  Anything with pink and an anchor is a plus in my book!

These nail polishes scream beach to me!  My suntanned toes will be adorable with either of these colors!!
And the Candles are heavenly! 
Amy did not know this, but my girls are OBSESSED with lighthouses.  They LOVE our lighthouse and scream with excitement when they see it!  So, naturally, they were jumping up and down about this lighthouse!  They stole it immediately and have carried it around ever since.  I hope it is made of some strong materials!! :):)
Thanks again Amy for my box!  I love the friendship we have developed and cannot wait to see where it goes from here!!

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