Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Name Game

My new 'friend' over at A Slice of Mudpie just did a post on 'The Name Game'...It was very interesting to read, so I thought I would copy her post!!!

When we found out we were pregnant, I just KNEW it would be a boy.  Blair's family ONLY.HAS.BOYS....seriously.  There are 10 grandchildren/great grandchildren.  ALL.BOYS.

Secretly, I wanted a girl.  I know girls.  I know what to do with girls.  Now, I love me some little boys, but I just had a feeling I wanted a girl.  I wanted a girl for Blair's mom.  I wanted a girl for Blair's grandma, Mrs. Vivian.  I know they wanted a girl.  Blair's mom was the last girl born in that family!!!

HEALTH was of course the most important.  And, I know how good little boys love their momma's.

So, we went to our first ultra sound at 9 weeks.  I knew we wouldn't be finding out the sex, but little did I know what we would REALLY find out!!

U/S Tech: ''s a's a heartbeat.'  I am just beaming.  There really IS a baby in there (I had NO symptoms, so I 'didn't believe' there was a baby in there...)

''s a's a heartbeat.'  AWWW.  Look Blair!!  I can see our baby!!!

'I don't think you are's a's another heartbeat. ' 

**I am blonde...and just in awe that there really is a baby in there.


Ok.  Something is clicking in my head.  I look at Blair.  He is WHITE AS A GHOST.

I look at the ultrasound tech...she is just SMILING!!

She repeats:'s a's another heartbeat.  She now puts emphasis on another...

The next words out of my mouth:  HOLY CRAP.  And then, I just start to laugh. and laugh.  and laugh.  Blair pops a nerve pill.  (my dad told me from day 1 we were having twins...)

Fast forward 8 weeks:  GENDER REVEAL...

Baby A...A girl!!!!  (YAY!!  Mrs. Vivian finally gets that little girl)

Baby B...A girl!!!!  (Wow!!  We really know how to 'please' the family!!)

**Of course, they would have been just as happy with two boys!!! :)

Anyway...To the point of this post.  (I can get long winded, I know...)

I knew ONE of these girls had to be named after Blair's grandma.  We had to use Vivian, somehow.  After that, we were STUCK.  It took FOREVER to come up with names.  We had a whole list of them that I love, and still love (Presleigh, Reese, Campbell, Kingslee, Nellie, and the list goes on..)  We HAD our boy names...One of which was Maddox.  The other, I will keep a secret, in hopes we have a boy one day.  I have had this name since I was a freshman in college...If we have another child, and it is a girl, I will MAKE THIS NAME WORK as a girl name! hahaha

So, we finally came up with Klaire (a combo of Kari and Blair) and I LOVED it.  Blair liked it.  I knew I wanted Corine for a name, but not a first name.  Corine was my dad's mother's middle name.  Her first name was Virgie, so I knew that one was out (ha!)...

So, now that we had Vivian, Maddox, Klaire and Corine...We had to figure out how to 'fit them together'.

On Christmas Eve/Day, we revealed our names to the family!!

Baby A:  Maddox Corine

  Baby B:  Vivian Klaire

Done.  It was settled.  We would call the babies Maddox and Klaire.  I was in love.

A few days later, Blair brought to my attention that we should call Baby B, Vivian.  He said Klaire was too close to Blair and we would always be getting confused on who was being called.  I will admit I was a *little* upset.  I really liked Klaire.  NOW, I am soooooo glad we went with Vivi.  She is truly a 'VIVI' and I wouldn't have it any other way!!

Last point:  how did we choose which baby would be which name?

Vivian means 'lively'.  Baby B was always the 'liveliesst'  She was the most active and hard to photograph.  We never got good pics of her.

So, the names fit perfect!!!  Sometimes Maddox is called Madi...Vivian is always called Vivi.

I have to admit.  We picked some pretty amazing names!!!!

I love my ViviMadd!!! :)


Heidi Lyn Burke said...

You almost ended up with my girls' names. Our first girl is Coryn (I came across the name Corrine when in high school and always knew it would be my first baby, though we ended up playing with the spelling) and our second Claire.
(Coryn Lyn and Claire Marie, the middle names are family names).

Kari & Blair said...

Heidi!! That is so cool!! I really liked Corine for a first name, and call her Cori, but my cousin beat me to the name Corey for her son! We live near 'heaven on Earth' called Core, Corey fits perfect!! So, we stuck Corine in as a middle name!!! and I still love Klaire! We usually call Vivi, Vivi Klaire, like a double name!!!

Kristin C said...

Love this! I always like hearing home names are picked :)

Kari & Blair said...

Thanks Kristin!! You had a great idea!!! :)

Jen @ That's What She Read said...

O MY GOSH THEY ARE PRECIOUS! And I love their names! My babes are named Reese Josephine and her brother is Ryder Cash!

Kari & Blair said...

Jen!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE those names!!!!!!!!! I actually wanted Reece as a name, and my husband was unsure. I am surprised he went with Maddox. He likes more 'common' names...I am in love with Reese and Ryder (names)!!! That is really cool.