Friday, October 18, 2013


Linking up with Lauren over at The Lauren Elizabeth for her High Five for Friday Posts!

This was a crazy week.  Aren't they all!?! 

1.  We had a teacher workday on Monday!  Teachers LOVE workdays!  It is a breath of fresh air that allows us to get caught up!

2.  Jeanne (the mastermind behind Pink Cow Mootique) made the girls these adorable Cheerleader outfits to wear to ECHS ballgames!  SOOOO adorable!!

3. Last Friday night, I stumbled across A League of Their Own movie. This is my all time favorite!!!!  A football game, cuddling little girls and this movie made for a perfect Friday night!

4.  Blair finished the girls animal 'zoo'....We just have to paint a little sign for it that will say 'ViviMadd's Zoo'!  I am so excited!  Maybe the stuffed animals will stop taking us over!!

5.  We decorted their fall/halloween tree!  They made scarecrows, pumpkins, owls and witches hats at JeJe's house!  They had a ball decorating!!
What are your favorite things about this past week!?!  I have to say. I am so glad it is Friday!!!!!


Carol said...

A League of their Own is one of my favs too!!!! Love "Stilwell Angel!" Love those cheerleader outfits! So precious!

Kari & Blair said...

Thanks!! I think the outfits are just darling!!

Its so funny. Sometimes my Maddox makes funny faces and I swear she resembles Stillwell Angel!! haha. Especially if she has chocolate on her mouth! I call her that all the time...It's hilarious!!!

Jen @ That's What She Read said...

i love that zoo idea!! So cute!

Kari & Blair said...

Thanks!!! I love it! We might need to adjust it a little...the cording should have been closer together...

And also need to do a fancy sign for the top!