Thursday, October 10, 2013


I have always been around children.  Taking care of children comes naturally to me.  I know how to feed children, I have never felt awkward changing a diaper, I usually have a lot of patience, I have a 'knack' for understanding cries.  You get my drift?

So, becoming a parent was never 'scary'.  It was fun.  I had little doll babies to dress up and take care of. 

Now, granted, having twins is different that one (not that I know what it is like to have only one child)...But, we have soooo much family help that it has been a BREEZE!!  No...seriously.  Incredibly easy.  Honestly, recovering from a C-section (horrible!!!) and breastfeeding was extremely challenging, but 110% worth it.  We didn't have colic (thank you Jesus), we weren't fussy babies, we slept good,  we didn't have reflux, we were/are great eaters, etc. 

This parenting thing is a.piece.of.cake.....


I will have to say these last few weeks have been the roughest.  Why?  I don't know. 

Terrible Twos.
Terrible Threes.
Parental Frustration

Any of the above could be justified.

Until two weeks ago, they have been the sweetest girls!!  They are kind, loving, follow directions, are eager to help (somewhat anyway), very very very easy going children.

Something snapped!  Granted, they are still the cutest, sweetest girls alive (I can say that.  They are mine.)  BUT, I have come to realize what DEFIANCE means.  They don't want to pick up their toys.  Actually, refuse to.  I feel like I have to ask them 10 times to do something simple.  What we say goes in one ear and out the other (I feel like my mother saying that), etc.
 ^ Vivi has just thrown a gigantic fit for over 30 minutes because
she wanted DADDY to give her a bath, not Mommy.  She has almost
collapsed from pure exhaustion.
 ^Can't really remember what this is about. 
Blair and I have both been extremely busy lately.  I feel like we have abandoned the kids half the time with working late (granted, they cry when they have to come home because they LOVE the grandparents).  So, I am sure that can be playing factor.

Yes, we are two and a half.  So, we could be in terrible two's or three's...ha.  I can honestly say we never went through the 'terrible two', not sure if it is coming around late, or if terrible three's are here early. 

**FYI, I hate using the term 'terrible' anything when it comes to the children, but I am just using this common reference.**

Also, we have been BUSY girls.  We visited Raleigh two weekends ago, then came straight home and started school.  We are also a few weeks into gymnastics.  So, their lives have really picked up.  We could be just trying to adjust to our new routines.

Another issue.  We are night owls.  Bad.  I know.  I am a night owl, and unfortunately they inherited those genes.  I ruined them over summer.  Our bedtime dropped back from 8-8:30 to 9:30ish (gasp!).
We really have to work hard to get them back on a better night time schedule.  Even if we start at 7:30, I feel like we can never get in bed by 9.  It has been being a little later.  THAT COULD BE A FACTOR.

So, I have rambled an awful lot to simply say


Newsflash, right?  Well, we are just coming to realize how much children 'test' parents. 
And while it can be frustrating, it is the most wonderful, amazing experience in the world.  No matter how defiant they are being, we must step back and remember...'THEY ARE ONLY TWO!!!!'  This is what they are supposed to do.  They are supposed to test us.  They are supposed to push their limits. 

I just want to do the right thing.  I see so many children who the parents didn't to the right thing, and that terrifies me.  There is a fine line we must walk and I pray every day that I handle each situation best.  We can't let them walk all over us, but we have to let them be independent and have a little wiggle room.

Ok.  I better stop.  I could ramble on forever.

I am so thankful I have these sweet girls in my life.  I know there are women who would give anything to have a child...and I am not for one second taking that for granted.  I thank God EVERY DAY for blessing me so much.  And I am truly blessed.  One day I will look back at this minor bump along our way and think it was funny, and wish I could have it back!!

Last point:  I wonder how God feels as our heavenly father.  We defy him every day.  Make me stop and wonder how bad of a 'child' I have been.

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