Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Someday I will...

what a cool idea!?!  linking up with  Taylor Grace on her post...

The Daily Tay
someday i will...
stop falling asleep in the recliner and go to bed on time.
become a morning person.  wait.  who am I kidding?  i am NOT a morning person (hence the statement above)
have more than 21 twitter followers.
actually put myself together before rushing out the house, and having to do makeup in the car...again, back to not being a morning person.
learn to love the taste of water (not pepsi)
have a successful handmade business with my mother in law.  we are working hard here.
travel back to cancun, where we honeymooned.
be a soccer mom, softball mom, gymnastics mom, etc.  but i certainly ain't rushing these 2 year olds!
have my 'junk room' organized. 
have my life more organized.  I feel like an organized person gone wrong.  i hate it.
stop hitting the alarm for a solid hour in the morning (ok...are we seeing a pattern here....I want to sleep till 9 every morning.)
stop getting my second wind at 10pm, then not to go bed until 1...ok...maybe this is an answer.
walk more regularly with the girls in the stroller in the afternoons.
be a better meal planner for our family.  I don't mind cooking...I HATE deciding what to cook.
declutter my house.

learn more about this handmade/blog business that i am loving and learning more about every day!!!  so exciting! :)
gosh.  seeing all of this written down makes me feel like a horrible wife/mother/housekeep/etc.  maybe this wasn't a good idea! :)


Jen @ That's What She Read said...

i am so bad about hitting the snooze button!! Ugh and I totally know the whole 10 pm thing, I wish I was as motivated all day long as I am right when I should be going to bed!! go figure!

K @ Keeping Up With K... said...

Just followed you on Twitter so now you have more than 21 :)

Anyone who actually claims to be a morning person has to be lying. Mornings are the WORST!