Tuesday, October 15, 2013

twenty things

In deciding what to write today, I was reading other blogs.  I LOVE Maggie's blog.  I just adore the way she writes.  I hope to be half the blogger/writer she is one day!

Her recent blog post got me thinking...I have a few new readers (I hope you stay around, too! :)), so I thought it would be fun to do a 'random info' post about me.

Here goes.

1. Blair and I met when I was 16.  The rest is history.
2. I have 1 sister.  She is 25 (gasp!) and works as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist...yep.  Making more money than me, by a long shot!
3. I currently have a two year old in my lap because she cant sleep.  Nope, dont mind one bit!
4.  I have salt water running through my veins.
5. I teach Sunday School for two year olds! So much fun!!!
6.  I was expecting ONE boy when my husband and I got pregnant!
7.  There are 10 grand/great-grand children on Blair's side of the family...ALL BOYS (hence #6)
8.  Blair and I graduated from the same high school, which I teach at!
9.  We also both went to UNC-W, just not at the same time :(
10.  I am a pretty big State fan.  He is a Carolina fan.
11.  I LOVE softball.  Started playing at 8...always a pitcher!
12.  I have had 10 jobs in my lifetime!  (George's Pizza, teaching pitching lessons, umpiring softball games, babysitting, clothing store, Bank, Aquarium, Teaching and PCM!!)
13.  I have a VERY close knit family!!!
14.  My dream car is a Mustang GT (either 69' or new).  I had a stang' (not GT) but it got traded for a mommy car.  YES, I cried my eyes out.
15.  I have had two Boston Terriers and absolutely adore the breed.  Looking forward to getting another one.
16.  I have a fear that something bad is going to happen to my girls, me or Blair.  I struggle with that and need to give it all to God.
17.  I teach high school science.  Specifically Earth Science and Marine Science.
18. I hope to have two more pregnancies.  My husband isn't sold.  YET.  I would have even more if money was no option.
19. I am a Daddy's girl! 
20. I DREAM of having a thriving handmade business.  I love the whole concept.  I also would like to have a handmade shop in our town.

OK!  That was fun!  I hope I didn't scare you away!  Please follow me and my CUTIE PATOOTIES on IG and Twitter!

^Wearing PCM bows, of course!

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