Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What are we doing for Halloween?

I am linking up with Sarah and Helene today. We are all about Halloween in this post!

Venus Trapped in Mars

My girls are 2 1/2.  They still do not know what Halloween is.  I still have at least one more year to dress them as I please!!!  Our first year, we were Monkey See, Monkey Do.  Last year, we went in with my cousin and were all characters of Wizard of Oz, so we were a Lion and a Scarecrow (see below)...

^I apologize for the horrible picture.  This was all I could find at the moment...
I want to go all out and do something SUPER cute, but something 'double'.  I posted on my FB page to get some suggestions.  I got a lot of cute ones...Salt/Pepper, Mustard/Ketchup, Peanut Butter/Jelly, etc. 

One of my best friends, who is a LOVER of Krispy Kreme, suggested one be Krispy, one be Kreme!!!!  Just joking, I said...'Hey, Blair can be the Hot Light! '  Rylan then came back with 'You could be the box...because, you DID carry the girls...'

I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

**If you have no idea what Krispy Kreme is, I am terribly sorry.  You are missing out.

So, now, I need to figure out the best way to pull it off. 

I can make the donuts out of felt.  I just need to decide from the following:

1. Do I make each of them a whole donut?
2. Would it be cuter to make each of them a half donut, so when they are 'together' it makes a perfect fit!?! :):)


So, needless to say, I have a lot to figure out THIS week.

Comments/suggestions are greatly appreciated!!! :)

Of course, I will figure out some super special fancy bow to go along with these!!!

**Best part of this post....I AM HOSTING A GIVEAWAY!!!**

Head over to my new 'friends' page.  She has the CUTEST little girl and made an awesome FANCY ZEBRA costume.  I made her a special custom bow to go along with her costume.  So, go enter the giveaway!!  I would love to send YOU something special!


Venus Trapped In Mars said...

The half donut idea is cute!! I grew up with Krispy Kreme in both Va and Tennessee, then I moved to Texas and get this..... NO KRISPY KREME HERE!?!??! What the heck, Texas!!

Helene in Between said...

and now I want a DONUT!!! this is sooo cute! Love this idea!

Jen @ That's What She Read said...

how about one be the donut and the other be the donut hole! :) So many cute ideas and you can never go wrong with Krispie Kremes!

Kari & Blair said...

I think there are Krispy Kremes in Texas. I have a friend that lived there...she came home for a visit, and we surprised her with Krispy Kremes...She looked at us like we were crazy because she had one right around the corner...haha. Hopefully you stumble across one soon!!:):)

Kari & Blair said...

Jen-someone else mentioned one be the donut and one be the hole. I think it is adorable, too...just have to figure out how to make it work!! :):):)

Areeba said...

You have twin girls? That's so cool! I have a twin sister and I know how awesome we twins are! I am with Jen about one be the donut and one be the hole. Swears, it's going to rock!

Kari & Blair said...


I do have twin girls!! Twins are soooooo much fun!!! I cannot imagine only having single children. Twins are a whole different ball game and they are truly a delight to be around. And they love each other SOOOO much! I pray their relationship only grows with the years! As of now, they are pretty inseparable!

Seeing them, makes me wish I had a twin myself! :):)